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Allison Dongoski



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Allison Dongoski

As Marketing Programs Manager, Allison implements integrated marketing campaigns and advertising strategies. She efficiently coordinates and tracks media placements to help clients achieve their goals. Allison draws on an extensive educational background, which includes an MBA in marketing from American Public University, as well as 10 years of experience in customer service and sales. Allison applies her research and analytical skills in collecting, analyzing and summarizing data for client and competitive reports.

Prior to joining the Creating Results team in October 2014, Allison honed her proofing and project management skills as a Document Specialist with American Public University System.

Allison first demonstrated her leadership skills as Chapter Secretary and Chapter President of her sorority, while obtaining her B.S. in Business Management at Coastal Carolina University. These experiences provided her the confidence necessary to make sound decisions in the fast-moving marketing industry. Allison’s work experience gives her insights into a variety of industries including retail, military and higher education.

In her spare time Allison loves to run, do yoga, be outdoors and spend time with family and friends!


Customer Service, Ad Coordination, Research and Analytics

Best advice ever heard:
Actions speaker louder than words.

Ideal vacation:
Traveling and exploring all over Europe.

Inspiring wisdom:
"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
-Martin Luther King, Jr.


As we all know, Mature Marketing Matters! That's why we've focused our efforts on reaching this large, diverse and very entertaining cohort as the muse for our blog.

  • Finger on car radio

    Back in 2010, we extolled the benefits of using radio to market to Baby Boomers. But we warned you then that very soon traditional radio wouldn’t be the only game in town. Well, we were right, and we were wrong. The era of audio marketing is upon us. With increasingly tech-savvy seniors, it can be […]

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  • Middle-Ages owman looking tathe words "senior," Elderly" and "Mature"

    Many active adult and senior living communities are marketed as 55+ or 65+ communities. And yet, when younger seniors (prospects ages 55-64) visit these communities in person, they may struggle to find residents as young as they are.

    While industry professionals may have visions of communities where younger, more vibrant seniors make up the lion’s share of the population, making that transition is tough. But that doesn’t mean that your community shouldn’t try to attract youngers seniors — you just have to know what resonates with them. Here are four ways you can attract younger seniors through your marketing.

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  • Having a community sales center that “wows” is a vital part of converting prospects into residents. It’s the bricks-and-sticks part of the sales process and gives prospects a place where they can look, feel, touch and experience your community and all it has to offer.

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  • Baby Boomers are no longer new to social media. Many have adopted apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in their daily lives, yet marketers are still hesitant to market to this demographic, thus neglecting an audience of more than 76 million people in the US. In this month’s roundup, we look at why marketers should market to older adults through social media, and the best ways to do so.

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