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Methodology - 2013 Social, Silver Surfers Marketing Research

The Social, Silver Surfers 2013 survey is based on a nationally representative sample of Americans over the age of 40.

The survey — a follow up to a 2010 study (http://www.CreatingResults.com/SocialSilverSurfers) — was commissioned and executed by Creating Results, Inc.

The goal of the marketing research was to explore the attitudes of Baby Boomers and beyond towards websites and social networks, including how effective these digital channels are in motivating decisions related to home purchase or rentals.

The non-quota survey was conducted on the World Wide Web and through offline intercept polling between March and June of 2013. Offline research was conducted face –to-face with an interviewer. Locations were those that attract active, engaged older adults.

Through 7/1/2013, 412 surveys were completed on social networking attitudes.

  • 8% of respondents were aged 40-44 (Gen X)
  • 27% aged 45-54 (comprised primarily of “Trailing Edge” Baby Boomers also known as “Generation Jones”)
  • 29% aged 55-64 (primarily “Leading Edge” Boomers)
  • 20% aged 65-74 (a mix of Leading Edge Boomers and Silent Generation members)
  • 16% aged 75 or better (Silent and Greatest Generation Americans)

The male/female ratio was 131/281.

Through 7/1/2013, 412 surveys were completed on web preferences.

  • 11 % aged 40-44
  • 30% aged 45-54
  • 28% aged 55-64
  • 19% aged 65-74
  • 12% aged 75 or better

The male/female ratio was 141/298.

Beyond age, the only screening implemented was two qualifying questions:

  1. Do you use a computer to go on the Internet?
  2. Are you 40 or better?


As we all know, Mature Marketing Matters! That's why we've focused our efforts on reaching this large, diverse and very entertaining cohort as the muse for our blog.



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