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Traditions of America

Traditions of America Remarketing

Traditions of America Remarketing

The Situation

Traditions of America traditionally ran online ads on hand-picked domains such as newspaper websites or real estate mediums. In 2012, Creating Results began working with a display ad network that would give them exposure through “remarketing” across multiple domains.

In 2013 they added general awareness online impressions via the ad network as well, but kept the same overall budget. This meant that there were fewer funds to spend solely on remarketing, as the buy was split between general awareness impressions and remarketing.

Traditions of America Remarketing-situation

The Strategy

After a deep, year-end analysis of the campaign in 2014, Creating Results saw untapped opportunity via an “enhanced combo” approach. This would involve shifting more of the budget back toward remarketing impressions.

The awareness buy would become a more targeted display buy with geo-clustered campaigns along with a keyword-targeted approach (rather than general awareness), while remarketing would continue in a more segmented nature.

Traditions of America Remarketing-strategy

The Solution

Using our in-house capabilities for targeted online display advertising and remarketing, Creating Results designed distinct geo-targeted ads for each campaign cluster. Each cluster also had its own landing page and its own remarketing pixel placed throughout relevant pages of the Traditions of America website.

This approach meant consumers located in targeted areas close to Traditions of America’s communities would see more relevant display ads. The keyword-targeted ads allowed users searching for “active adult community” terms throughout the web to then see Traditions of America display ads.

Traditions of America Remarketing-solution

The Results

Every user clicking on a Traditions of America ad was tagged, followed throughout the web, and subsequently served additional geographically relevant Traditions of America ads from other domains. This type of remarketing ensures that the remarketing is relevant to the user. For instance, those who clicked on a Central PA ad were only remarketed to with Central PA ads.

Using this remarketing approach significantly increased the potential of user conversion because the ads they saw matched their demonstrated interest.

Traditions of America Remarketing-results
Traditions of America Remarketing-results


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