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Fairing Way

Fairing Way Marketing

Fairing Way Marketing

The Situation

Located within a master-planned, all-ages community called SouthField, Fairing Way is sponsored by two local non-profits with stellar reputations for providing senior housing and nursing care. The perception was that what they offer is “too old” for 55+ targets. In addition, development of the nearby SouthField commercial amenities had a slow start.

Fairing Way Marketing-situation

The Strategy

Creating Results recommended increasing awareness of the neighborhood — and ultimately driving sales — through production and distribution of a quarterly direct mail newsletter containing news stories and community information.

Fairing Way Marketing-strategy

The Solution

We developed a Fairing Way newsletter covering the latest developments of the neighborhood and SouthField community. The newsletter also feaured topical items, such as tips for Spring gardening, which highlighted the natural surroundings and the more than 1,000 acres of conservation land that encompasses Fairing Way.

Newsletter features:

  1. Balance of informative and topical content
  2. Incorporation of special landing pages and phone numbers
  3. Event follow-up and promotion
  4. Consistent layout with subtle changes per edition
  5. Links to related content on the Fairing Way website

Providing multiple ways to reach out — via phone or web — gives readers the power to learn and engage in the manner most comfortable to them.

Fairing Way Marketing-solution

The Results

Using the newsletters as a marketing tool helped to increase awareness and create excitement around the developing community of Fairing Way.

  • 114 calls generated from the first three editions
  • 124 visits per day (on average) to the website during release weeks, with a high number of entrances via landing pages featured in the newsletters
  • 25% increase in attendance to events that were featured in the newsletters
  • 45 active new leads generated
Fairing Way Marketing-results


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