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EOS twenty-one

EOS twenty-one Facebook

EOS twenty-one Facebook

The Situation

EOS twenty-one, an Orion Residential condominium community in Alexandria, Virginia, was experiencing difficulty moving its last 30 units. With the housing market challenges, marketing dollars were drastically reduced.

The Strategy

Creating Results established that the best way to quickly, effectively and efficiently develop excitement and connect with prospects — young professionals and first-time homebuyers in Metro DC — was to drive new prospects to the property’s website, Eos-21condos.com.

EOS twenty-one Facebook-strategy

The Solution

Creating Results developed an online advertising campaign using the Facebook.com platform. The social network’s population was precisely in-line with the property’s target audience. Further, the agency was able to target the campaign to a specific geographic, age group and mindset.

The ad does not feature “fine design.” Emphasis was put on copy and strategy.

In addition to the targeting advantages, the campaign offered performance benefits not available to traditional online marketing channels. Instead of paying for impressions or a standard time window, we paid only for confirmed performance — “click-throughs” from prospects clicking through to Eos-21condos.com.

Along with the agency’s sophisticated reporting applications, Creating Results was able to monitor, revise and forecast spending in real-time, ensuring maximum return on investment for the client.

EOS twenty-one Facebook-solution

The Results

In its first month, the Facebook campaign referred more than 53% of all Eos-21condos.com’s visitors. Yet, it only represented 7.5% of the overall marketing budget.

The campaign was the cornerstone of the marketing program that has increased visits to the Eos-21 website by more than 500% in the last 12 months and returned the property to a healthy sales pace, despite an ailing housing market.


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