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Village of Valemount

Village of Valemount Marketing

Village of Valemount Marketing

The Situation

Surrounded on all sides by breathtaking mountains … tucked into a valley in British Columbia … The Village of Valemount lays waiting to inspire and charm visitors.

Valemount’s municipal and business leaders have a goal to drive domestic tourism. They felt there might be opportunity with Baby Boomers (often known in Canada as “Zoomers”) and reached out to Creating Results because of its mature marketing expertise.

Village of Valemount Marketing-situation

The Strategy

Like most great journeys, planning was the key to success. Research included intercept surveys with Valemount visitors, site visits to competitive regional destinations, interviews with key stakeholders, and first-hand insights into Valemount’s unique assets.

Village of Valemount Marketing-strategy

The Solution

Creating Results worked with the Tourism Committee to hammer out a clearly defined Communication Strategy that identified unique selling points and insights into the specific needs/desires of potential visitors.

The resulting marketing program was tied directly to the motivations of Zoomer tourists. Designed to guide all creative and marketing intitiatives, the program outlined specific strategies, concepts and tactics to help Valemount reach its goals over the next five years.

The Results

Valemount Tourism now has a strategic and flexible marketing plan that will guide their investments of time, resources and funding over the coming years. They also have a fresh brand image that defines Valemount as a highly-desirable destination.

After their official unveiling, the new Valemount logo system and marketing strategy were earning rave reviews, including a Silver National Mature Media Award for Excellence.
With all their marketing vehicles pointed in the right direction using their new marketing roadmap, Valemount has the guidance they need to expand tourism in a deliberate, cost-effective manner.

Village of Valemount Marketing-results
Village of Valemount Marketing-results
Village of Valemount Marketing-results
Village of Valemount Marketing-results
Village of Valemount Marketing-results

 “Valemount now has a roadmap to follow and an efficient plan to implement.”

Silvio Gislimberti

Economic Development Officer

The Village of Valemount

Silver National Mature Media Award for Excellence (Valemount Logo)


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