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Kaine Homes

Kaine Homes Branding

Kaine Homes Branding

The Situation

Kaine Communities was a small builder in Calvert County, Maryland, a rural area on the periphery of the Washington, D. C. market. After 50 years of building in this market, they saw the dynamics change from affordable to high-end. As potential buyers were discovering the area and demand was increasing, the county was restricting development. Kaine realized its 50-year old image needed to change if they were to successfully capture the luxury buyer.

Kaine Homes Branding-situation

The Strategy

Creating Results developed an understanding of the client's business plan, product design, sales goals and revenue projections through a discovery process. During this stage we studied which aspects of the current corporate image (such as the name and the logo) held special meaning and value to the company, and determined where new elements should be introduced. We also studied the market environment to determine how they could be best positioned among the existing competitors. The goal was to reposition the company into the higher end of the market by elevating its identity to appeal to the growing segment of interested luxury buyers in the area.

Kaine Homes Branding-strategy

The Solution

Equipped with knowledge from our discover process, Creating Results recommended a name change to Kaine Homes and designed a new logo and tagline. The resulting magnolia blossom logo mark reflects the company’s tradition of planting a magnolia tree at each new home they build. 

We introduced the new image via print advertising, corporate folio, comprehensive signage and a complete corporate stationery package. 

Kaine Homes Branding-solution

The Results

With renewed energy from their updated identify, Kaine Homes underwent a dramatic change in strategy. Their new look underscored a shift in focus and supported their desire to service a new target market.

This branding effort included a print ad that was recognized as “Best Color Ad” in the region by the National Association of Home Builders’ National Sales and Marketing Council.

“Best Color Ad” in the Region, National Association of Home Builders’ National Sales and Marketing Council


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