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Ocean House

Ocean House Event

Ocean House Event

The Situation

The Peregrine Group and Bluff Avenue LLC are restoring Ocean House, an iconic historic hotel built in 1868 on bluffs overlooking the Atlantic in the summer resort community of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The partners plans to replicate the historic hotel and create a 5-star luxury resort hotel that will include million dollar condominium residences. The project was experiencing a contentious permitting effort and faced some small, but vocal, community opposition. 

The Strategy

Creating Results' plan was to work in partnership with its clients to build community support, create word-of-mouth marketing, and increase sales and media interest through a “buzz”-generating occasion. The goal of the event was to ease community opposition and generate support to help push the permitting process forward. This was an especially challenging task given the region's short summer selling season and the fact that the site featured nothing but grass and a lovely view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ocean House Event-strategy

The Solution

The team brought on the hounds! A “Watchminster Dog Show” theme was selected to play off the famous Westminster dog competition and the location’s name, Watch Hill. 

To build community ties, the event benefited a local organization called Stand Up For Animals, and a local journalist served on the judging panel. Every dog won a customized “1st place” ribbon (in Ocean House’s signature color of yellow) in categories such as “best outfit,” “best jumper,” “pooch with attitude” and “dog/human look-a-likes.”

The Results

The Watchminster Dog Show set the town howling, drawing more than 72 dogs and 250 people to the Ocean House site. It also generated a significant number of leads for the sales team, while resulting in great community relations and local press coverage.

In the months following the dog show the project received its final permits and deposits were placed on all of the million-dollar-plus luxury condominiums. All without a single ad being placed.


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