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Orion Residential

Orion Residential Social Media

Orion Residential Social Media

The Situation

With target markets focusing on young professionals aged 25-34, the apartment communities of Orion Residential Properties appeared to have the ideal target market to reach prospective residents through social media avenues. Wanting to explore the possibility of leveraging this new avenue, Orion Residential called upon Creating Results to determine what platform(s) would generate the most positive response for an initial social media push.

Orion Residential Social Media-situation

The Strategy

Facebook was identified as the ideal channel to test the effectiveness and reach of social media for the Orion Residential communities. Initial efforts focused on four properties within the rental portfolio in order to define organizational policies and approach before rolling out to all apartment communities.

Orion Residential Social Media-strategy

The Solution

Managers at each of the four Orion beta-properties were selected to serve as the Facebook page administrators and be responsible for all management and engagement. Specific initiatives as a part of the launch included:

  • Development of comprehensive Social Media Guidelines to identify the corporate purpose and policies of using social media, establish responsibilities of page managers and provide guidance on the “voice” to be used for all posts
  • Creation of goals for individual page management — including establishing a posting frequency and categories of post types (with examples as references)
  • Template design for all Orion pages to ensure brand cohesion -- this included the use of a corporate brand image as the profile image and community specific elements for the cover image/events
  • Buildout of client pages including a cover image library, brand icon gallery, photo galleries and embedding of community videos as a link to their respective YouTube pages
  • Creation of training guidebook and associated training presentation focusing on creating a post, posting frequency and responding to feedback
  • In-person training with Social Media Experts to ensure understanding of role and use of platform
  • Ongoing support for experts with creation of messaging schedule, initial posts and review of analytics with actionable recommendations
  • Coordination with individual managers to create the monthly calendar of posts to ensure a mix of messages and opportunities to engage with followers through surveys and link share calls to action
  • Identification of key-metrics for measuring success with focus in areas of follower growth/engagement

Orion Residential Social Media-solution

The Results

Initial training with page administrators was completed and initial posts were scheduled within Facebook to announce the pages. Creating Results worked with Orion Residential to determine the best way to promote the pages to employees and existing residents as a way to establish a base following as part of a soft launch.

Residents were approached to serve as online advocates for their respective communities and to help spread the word and contests are being created to help drive awareness of the new pages and increase likes.

Three weeks after launch, all marketing initiatives included links or icons to promote the pages and encourage prospective residents to engage.


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