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North Hill

North Hill Branding

North Hill Branding

The Situation

Boston-area North Hill enjoyed a long-standing reputation as a leader in senior living, but in recent years the community had grown to be perceived as "stuffy" by some within the local market because of somewhat dated messaging and imagery. They engaged Creating Results to reinvigorate the brand, introducing new floor plans and expanded services and amenities.

North Hill Branding-situation

The Strategy

Agreeing that a brand refresh was needed at North Hill, Creating Results was committed to developing a plan that didn't sacrifice the long-standing legacy of the community or create confusion among prospects and current residents. We determined that developing sub-brands for each of North Hill's initiatives would be the most effective way to position them effectively as new innovations within the well-respected North Hill community.

North Hill Branding-strategy

The Solution

Our approach included attribute research and a brand ignition workshop with staff and board members. We then developed a communications strategy that combined existing brand pillars with prospect and stakeholder insights to ensure a direction that would create a positive emotional experience for future residents.

Building on the communications strategy, Creating Results worked with North Hill to reinvigorate the existing logo and brand through the use of fresh, contemporary colors and fonts. Two sub-brands were then developed under the North Hill umbrella.

The first sub-brand, True North, highlighted the upgrades taking place to the existing buildings and amenities and the addition of new amenities, home types and floor plans. A vibrant color palette that featured over 10 complimentary colors was used to identify new and re-imagined amenities within the community.

The second sub-brand, PurposeFULL Living, was developed to promote new and established avenues of wellness and lifelong learning opportunities. This brand was used extensively throughout the community, as well as within marketing materials to highlight courses and events that speak to a variety of interests and passions.

A detailed brand guide was provided to North Hill’s team to help them maintain brand integrity as they took on more of the creation of information packages and event planning.

North Hill Branding-solution

The Results

In promotional items, printed collateral, ad creative and community signage, the renewed North Hill branding has created a bold, energetic identity that can be applied for years to come. While reflecting the vitality of the community, the new image also honors North Hill’s long-standing commitment to quality of life in senior living.

North Hill Branding-results
North Hill Branding-results


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