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North Hill

North Hill Email

North Hill Email

The Situation

Located outside of Boston, North Hill has enjoyed a long-standing reputation as a leader in senior living. Introducing new residences, physical spaces and wellness initiatives had connected even more seniors to this community. With these new projects, North Hill wanted to leverage a new website and established prospect pool.

Interested in establishing an avenue for ongoing engagement with prospects to foster a greater level of awareness to help move down the purchase funnel, the client desired to grow their prospect list and drive sales.

North Hill Email-situation

The Strategy

An opt-in based email marketing program was implemented to convey exclusive news to prospects on a regular basis to help drive interest and ultimately, sales.

Benefits of the program were highlighted within the community’s website, via an eNewsletter sign-up form, and on all event registration pages and social media avenues.

A series of events taking place at the community early in the programs existence also provided the perfect opportunity to capture opt-ins during prospect visits.

North Hill Email-strategy

The Solution

  1. Establish specific goals to help guide program success over a 12-month period
  2. Incorporate a preference selection form to capture prospect insights
  3. Develop triggered messaging at time of opt-in for immediate prospect engagement
  4. Create messaging templates

The Results

By leveraging preferences expressed by prospects at the time of opt-in, North Hill has been able to incorporate a higher level of message segmentation, allowing for more personal messages to create a sense of loyalty. Over the course of 10 months since launching, email messaging for North Hill has consistently bested Industry Benchmarks — in many cases exceeding by 100%. A regular, monthly messaging frequency was established to allow recipients to anticipate messaging arrival.


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