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North Hill

North Hill Displays

North Hill Displays

The Situation

North Hill, a 28-year-old Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and leader in senior living in the Boston area, had launched a $100+ million renovation.

Ongoing construction made it difficult for prospects to visualize the transformations and lifestyle to come. The CCRC needed a space in which prospects could preview the new apartment product and community design, but faced several challenges:

  • Only 6 months to convert 2 existing apartments into a welcome center
  • Access to the space was via the main lobby, then under construction
  • Product designs and finishes were still in the process of being finalized

The Strategy

Creating Results recommended creating a Welcome Center to bring the future of North Hill to life. The Center would include vibrant lifestyle displays and product renderings or samples, all presented in a flexible space to support both one-to-one sales meetings and larger marketing events.

We also encouraged North Hill to get a special permit from the town for a new, dedicated entrance and parking for Future Residents. This was not only convenient for prospects, it allowed the marketing team to better control their experience.

Fewer hard hats, more soft touches.

The Solution

The Welcome Center featured a private discovery room that felt residential and warm, not sales-y. A built-in high-end café enhanced the feeling of welcome.

The great room promoted the CCRC’s incredible location with authentic photography featuring Boston-area cultural landmarks. Residents were polled on what places were important to them and those were highlighted on a large location map. To help prospects visualize the project, large plans compared what the community looked like with how it would look after construction is complete.

Flexible displays featured a limited number of floor plans that could easily be swapped out as designs changed or models sold out. The sales team used an interactive touchscreen to catalog all 40+ product variations and work with clients to drill down to the floor plan that best fits them.

A 60” flat screen drew visitors into the main room with renderings of tomorrow’s North Hill and photos of activity on campus. As new and expanded amenities came online, their images were quickly loaded into the display. It also was used for small group presentations, with customized content easily accessible.

A 6-foot octagonal display in the heart of the great room was dedicated to the concept of PurposeFULL Living, North Hill's wellness philosophy, which is at the heart of this transformation. The display inspired conversation and conversion from every corner of the Welcome Center. To give the client greater flexibility and ROI, the panels could easily be taken to offsite events.

North Hill Displays-solution

The Results

In the first year that the Welcome Center was open, the number of visits increased from 160 to 393. The sales team and residents were proud to have a great new environment to showcase North Hill. Deposits increased from 26 in the previous 12 months to 87 and 29 people moved in.

The Welcome Center helped people to see beyond all the construction and visualize an exciting future for themselves at North Hill.


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