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Thames Edge at Fairview

Thames Edge Email

Thames Edge Email

The Situation

Fairview, a senior housing and healthcare provider, was founded in 1892 by the CT Independent Order of Odd Fellows Grand Lodge. A full 120 years later, the nonprofit enjoyed an excellent reputation for its rehabilitation and skilled nursing care services and had successfully introduced Phase One of a new Independent Living neighborhood – “Thames Edge at Fairview.” 

Sales pace on the second phase of Thames Edge had slowed, however. There was a need to establish and extend brand awareness and an immediate desire to drive traffic to open houses for Phase Two. And there was an additional challenge: budgets were as tight as the timeline.

The Strategy

Fairview turned to Creating Results to jump-start its integrated marketing. 

Strategically, the team felt that digital marketing needed to be amped up, as it could be implemented immediately and digital channels offered greater “bang for the buck.” 

The Solution

Creating Results began with new campaign creative for online and print ads. This advertising would drive to conversion-oriented landing pages.  

There was no time or budget for direct mail (a technique proven effective with older adults). Thames Edge would have to rely on another proven channel: EMAIL.

Creating Results had typically cautioned clients against using purchased email lists. We were predisposed to rely on in-house databases containing contacts who had already demonstrated interest in receiving ongoing messaging targeting older adults. However, Thames Edge had not previously invested in an email marketing program so their existing database did not contain leads of any significance.

After vetting a variety of email list providers, Creating Results purchased a list of nearly 54,000 addresses that fit the Thames Edge profile. We designed and sent an email to this list promoting an upcoming Open House. Leads were directed to RSVP online. 

At the same time, our creative department designed new email templates that the Thames Edge sales team could use internally with their database. The team used the new template to increase and improve their personalized communications with existing leads.

One month later, a second message was deployed to the same purchased list. This email drove leads to the Thames Edge website, which had been refreshed with new creative and given a greater emphasis on lead capture.

The Design

The email design evolved from the first deployment to the second. Calls to action were made more prominent with stronger colors and bolder underlines (a clearer signal to older adults that they were hyperlinks). In addition, the email was restructured so there was a higher priority placed on community messaging over product.

Thames Edge Email-design
Thames Edge Email-design

The Results

Email marketing became the second highest source of website traffic during the 2-month campaign.

Open rates and click-through rates (CTR) were surprisingly strong. The first message had a CTR of 16%, much higher than the 2% industry average CTR for an in-house list.

Thanks to the purchased list, Thames Edge was able to expose 54,000 people to its offerings twice within 2 months – and within budget. This brand awareness could not have been possible with direct mail.

Take Aways

The Creating Results team had two major “lessons learned” based on the Thames Edge at Fairview campaign:

  1. Purchased lists aren’t evil after all! The open and click-through rates proved that a relevant message to a thoughtfully selected list would be welcomed by older adults.
  2. Email marketing programs are most effective when you apply a mix of tactics. Purchased lists can help new leads discover your brand messages. It’s even more critical to step up efforts with existing leads. Improving emails to the database – those further along in the decision-making journey – will yield strong results.


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