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Westminster at Lake Ridge

Westminster at Lake Ridge Integrated Marketing

Westminster at Lake Ridge Integrated Marketing

The Situation

Westminster at Lake Ridge is a Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Prince William County in Northern Virginia, a highly competitive area 30 miles south of Washington, D.C. Senior prospects have a variety of retirement choices including using home healthcare providers and staying in their current homes.  

Westminster at Lake Ridge Integrated Marketing-situation

The Strategy

Creating Results recognized the problem pretty quickly: the firm Westminster had been using had an overreliance on sending direct mail and was using a retail message continuously to the same leads. This narrow approach resulted in a 33 percent drop in new leads from historic averages.

The marketing mix included elements to raise awareness as well as those elements which would help move leads through the sales process: online marketing (SEM, listings, remarketing, PPC, SEO, new web content); PR; print advertising; events; printed newsletters; and email. While direct mail was part of the program, Creating Results made sure that people were not inundated to the point of being turned off.

Westminster at Lake Ridge Integrated Marketing-strategy

The Solution

After “shopping” the competition and identifying strong, competitive messages, Creating Results developed an integrated marketing program. Fresh creative reflected the community’s Unique Selling Propositions and not a retail “deal of the week.”

To reestablish brand value, the new marketing message put a greater focus on the community’s unique wooded location next to a charming historic, riverside town and the choice of both cottage and apartment homes, a feature a majority of the other CCRCs in the area don’t have.

The Results

  • 3% increase in leads to an average of 64 per month (exceeding the previous average of 54)
  • 85 and 99 new leads per month in some months
  • 47% increase in web traffic
  • 37% increase in online registrations
  • 15 sales in 2 months

Westminster at Lake Ridge Integrated Marketing-results
Westminster at Lake Ridge Integrated Marketing-results


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