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"As your body grows bigger—Your mind grows flowered—It's great to learn—Because knowledge is power!" School House Rock

Knowledge IS power, especially when it comes to marketing to baby boomers and seniors. Understanding leads to insight, and insight will lead to more effective—more powerful!—marketing.

At Creating Results we invest in gaining knowledge through proprietary research (Photo FinishSocial, Silver Surfers), by studying industry best practices, in the "halls" of our Mature Marketing Academy. And we're pleased to have a place to share that knowledge with you. Our latest insights are below. Or, you can sort by industry or by type of resource using the links above.

Digital DO's and DON'Ts for Marketing Senior Living

August 16, 2017

To reach marketing goals, organizations must work smarter. Smarter means arming sales and marketing teams with insights into the way older adults use the internet in homebuying and move decisions.

Creating Results has surveyed thousands of mature movers to uncover the WHY, WHERE and HOW of their digital journey. Key insights have been revealed through our longitudinal, national study of “Social, Silver Surfers,” Americans over the age of 40, with emphasis on people who made a decision to move in the prior two years. The latest edition digs deeper into the roles of caregivers and move helpers.

This white paper for senior living marketers includes selected highlights and action steps to help your digital marketing program work smarter.

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Summer 2010 - Debunking Four PR Myths

April 19, 2016
Summer 2010 - Debunking Four PR Myths

Pop Quiz! Public Relations is:

A) Not needed – aren’t newspapers dead?

B) Expensive and too hard to measure

C) Not worth my time – we’re on Facebook!

D) An effective marketing technique that should be a part of your marketing program

To find out how PR can be 14 times more effective than advertising, read on for statistics about the ROI of PR, insights for your program and some case studies. We are sure you’ll find something to relate to in this month's newsletter.

February 2015 - Maximizing the ROI of Online Leads

February 12, 2015

Whether you market senior living or active adult housing, increasingly your leads are coming in through online channels. Organizations need to develop a strategic process for converting online leads into real prospects and customers. The process must include Love, Speed, and perhaps calling on your inner Boy Scout.

Read Todd Harff’s thoughts on “Maximizing the ROI of Online Leads,” with insights from the recent International Builders Show.

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As we all know, Mature Marketing Matters! That's why we've focused our efforts on reaching this large, diverse and very entertaining cohort as the muse for our blog.



Be on top of all the latest tips and trends for marketing to boomers and senior, mature marketing.

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