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Isabella Medina



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Isabella Medina

While Isabella’s primary mission at Creating Results is to keep the books, prepare invoices and meaningful financial reports, she also inherently finds ways to improve processes. Generally, she likes to make accounting more user-friendly, with reports that look good and communicate effectively, tailored to her audience — a mission that both those who like and don’t like numbers can appreciate.

Isabella started her career in accounting, but her inclination towards process improvement — and frustration with less than ideal accounting systems, led her into software development. As a programmer/analyst in Boston and New Jersey, she served financial services firms dealing with mutual fund accounting — increasing automation and adapting to changing regulations.

More recently, Isabella transitioned back to purely accounting roles for creative agencies and a construction company. Her work at other marketing and PR agencies gives her great perspective on making invoicing a positive element in our partnerships with Creating Results clients.

Another way that Isabella has worked to make the world a better place was by serving as a missionary in Mexico City — a life changing experience that serves as a reminder for her to be patient and compassionate in every interaction.


Accounting, Systems/Process Improvement, Business Analysis

Ideal Vacation:

“I love to travel and see new places, especially Italy (my homeland), where I’ve been able to reconnect with family. Of course, a visit to a tropical beach is ALWAYS a great idea!”

Best Advice:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. – Proverbs

Inspiring Wisdom:

Just keep swimming. – Dory, Finding Nemo


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