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Judy Harff


Judy Harff

Judy Harff spent her early career in retail working for Williams-Sonoma and one of largest high-end retailers in Southern Africa. After several years, Judy started her own graphic design company, A Bolder Image, in 1993. From an initial emphasis on logo design and corporate ID programs, A Bolder Image soon started designing brochures, ads, directories, and displays for its clients. By the time A Bolder Image‘s name was changed to “Creating Results” in 1997, Judy was designing award-winning comprehensive marketing and advertising materials for clients in five states, publishing three directories and providing leadership critical to the company’s success and growth. 

Flexible and innovative, Judy has served as Art Director, Creative Director, focus group and research leader, Human Resources Manager and more. No matter what her title, her goal was always the same, “find creative and results oriented people who would work together to delight clients”.

She now works with the other owners of Creating Results to provide strategic oversight and develop agency strategy.

Professional Development, Agency Strategy, Design

Best advice ever heard:
You have all the time you need. You just need to choose to invest it in what really matters.

Ideal vacation:
I’m flexible. It just must be relaxing, warm, carefree and offer inspiring ideas, people and activities… oh and healthy food.

Inspiring wisdom:
“What’s in the Way is the Way.”
— Mary O’Malley


As we all know, Mature Marketing Matters! That's why we've focused our efforts on reaching this large, diverse and very entertaining cohort as the muse for our blog.



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