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Below, we've highlighted three stats and related considerations. Download the full white paper for more insights and recommended action steps.

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FINDINGS: 28% of all recent movers surveyed report they first went to a housing-related website looking for floor plans. This was a plurality of respondents.

Younger movers (aged 55-64) are particularly focused on product details: floor plans, home features, and community images.

Older movers are looking for different details: pricing.

CONSIDER: Are your pricing and plans easy to find and easy to understand? You could be losing leads to frustration and unfounded suspicion that they can't afford your services.

FINDINGS: Move helpers use the internet to research homes differently than do movers themselves.

The older the mover, the more likely a friend or family member will prompt them to use the internet to research home choices.

However most move helpers, especially those who are long-distance caregivers, say they take charge of online research and then share what they learn with their loved one. These helpers are more likely to consult directories and government listings that include reviews.

CONSIDER: Is your site optimized for search? Are you listings in directories accurate and consistent with the rest of your marketing? Are you seeking out positive reviews?

FINDINGS: The number of mature movers who say they rejected a community based solely on its website actually decreased since the last edition of the survey, from 37% in 2013 to 23% in 2016.

However, move helpers are more likely to do so. 60% of caregivers who helped with a move rejected communities based on the website alone. Contrast that with 23% of the movers themselves.

CONSIDER: Does your website appeal to the adult child or caregiver in addition to your senior prospect? Do you have any features that speak specifically to their concerns and desires for their loved one?


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