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Choosing Marketing Images That Motivate Mature Consumers

In challenging times, every marketing element must pack a powerful punch. A recent survey by Creating Results discovered that a majority of active adults actively dislike a common advertising design style, that Caregivers prefer lifestyle photography to product shots, and much more. Learn how you can spend less money and see more results with the right photography – download your free eBook today.

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Selected graphs and charts illustrating the PHOTO FINISH findings are available for your review and or use. Click graph thumbnails to download. (Please respect and include copyright information attributing the survey – thank you.)

Preferences by Category, 
All Respondents
Preferences by Family Ties,
Lifestyle vs. Product Imagery
Preferences by Employment,
Cropped vs. Identifiable Imagery
Preferences by Age,
Single vs. Multiple Images


As we all know, Mature Marketing Matters! That's why we've focused our efforts on reaching this large, diverse and very entertaining cohort as the muse for our blog.

  • 3_27_17_new

    Sit back and enjoy your fresh brew while we round up the "most clicked" and "most shared" 50+ marketing content from the past week.

    Most Clicked: Scientific Proof that Happiness is for the Aging

    Carolyn Gregoire of The Huffington Post gives us a snapshot on how life is better as you age. Gregoire expands on this scientific proof by acknowledging our culture tends to correlate youth with happiness which, she says, “couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

    According to research and the author: “80 percent of life’s defining moments occur by the age of 35 – suggesting that there may not be much to look forward to in the second half of life.” College years, getting married and having children are pivotal moments in our lives and most of us experience this before 35.

    How is it possible our happiness peaks after these landmarks?

    The post Age and Happiness, and Social Sign-On appeared first on Creating Results.

  • 3_20_17

    Happy March Madness everyone! Every Monday we like to recap the most engaging content, or should I say “top picks,” from the previous week.

    This week, Next Avenue explores the various ways virtual reality supports older adults. Then, Chronogram dives deep into the realities (and possibilities) seniors face when aging in place.

    The post Virtual Medicine Is Healing Aging Adults appeared first on Creating Results.

  • 3-13-17_Senior-Staffing

    With snow bearing down on the East Coast of the United States, we stay warm with a recap of last week's top links for mature marketing professionals.

    MOST CLICKED: Ziegler Hotline Polls Find Labor Shortages a Hot Topic

    Our friends at Ziegler Investment Banking report that senior living CFOs are feeling the pressure of staffing shortages.

    For the past decade, Ziegler has gathered insights from senior living CFOs through CFO HotlineSM surveys on a variety of topics. In their February "Z-News," Ziegler recapped some of those findings. Our audience seemed particularly interested in the takeaways about labor shortages.

    The post Hot Topics — Senior Living and Staffing, Home Health and Wearables appeared first on Creating Results.

  • 3-3-17_senior-living-rebranding

    Every Monday, we recap the most engaging content from the previous week.

    This week, Senior Housing News proposes a rebrand of the 55-plus senior living industry in order to attract younger prospects to age-restricted communities. Also, research into Baby Boomer banking habits provide insights into marketing senior products and services to this demographic.

    The post Rebranding Senior Living appeared first on Creating Results.


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