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3 Senior Housing Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results

3 Senior Housing Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results

By Emily Study, Senior Housing News

In the sales world, it’s called a “micro-yes.” In the senior living world, it’s called guiding a lead. But the idea is the same: Marketers and senior living providers, alike, must guide customers and prospects along through a series of smaller decision points, or micro-yeses, to get to the ultimate yes, which is the purchase — or the move-in.

“Moving into senior living is such a major commitment,” says Erin Read, director of strategic planning at Creating Results, a marketing agency that works with senior living providers. “So it’s important to build trust with prospects so they get the information they need in a controlled fashion and can be guided along to that ultimate decision to move in.”

4/20/15 - 4/22/15 LeadingAge Maryland Annual Conference

4/20/15 - 4/22/15 LeadingAge Maryland Annual Conference

Todd Harff and Beth Spohn will be presenting at this year's LeadingAge Maryland Annual Conference. Their program -- "Stay, Fly Shop to Succeed: What Senior Living Can Learn from Global Leaders" -- aligns Quality First guidelines with the best practices of Marriott, Southwest and Nordstrom.

Join Todd and Beth for this dynamic session on April 21st.

And while you're at the event, stop by our booth! You'll find us on the Expo floor.


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