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Kimberly Hulett and Patrick McShane to Present at LeadingAge Virginia Annual Conference & Expo

Kimberly Hulett and Patrick McShane to Present at LeadingAge Virginia Annual Conference & Expo

On Thursday, May 11, Creating Results' President Kimberly Hulett and Vice President Patrick McShane will present The Purpose Revolution: Cultivating a Culture of Brand Champions at the LeadingAge Virginia Annual Conference & Expo. This lively session will feature insights that create short-term impact on business goals and long-term value for mission.

Learn more about the LeadingAge Virginia 2017 Annual Conference & Expo!

Silver Surfers, Mature Movers (55+ Housing Magazine)

Silver Surfers, Mature Movers (55+ Housing Magazine)

Nearly half of all respondents say they turned first tothe web when starting their journey toward deciding to move. This is especially true of younger baby boomers: 86% of these movers turned to the internet first vs. 38%

of older boomers.

Keep in mind that other marketing activities can prompt a prospect to check you out online. Visits to a community, chatting with friends/family, seeing a sign (especially if you’re a mobile-first mature)… all of these trigger movers.


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