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Creating Results

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Creating Results surveyed hundreds of 40+ American consumers (Gen X, Baby Boomers and Silent Generation members) to find out:

  • What turns them on — and what turns them off — when they visit websites.
  • How websites and social media influence their housing decisions.
  • Their concerns regarding social media marketing and social networks like Facebook.
  • How attitudes have changed since the agency’s 2010 study.

The findings from this research have been collected in a new eBook, with analysis and insights to make your digital marketing more effective with Baby Boomers and beyond.

In this ebook, you'll discover:

  • What percentage of recent movers rejected a community based on the website alone and why?
  • What are the biggest web pet peeves that frustrate and turn older adults away from your product/service?
  • What features/tools are most desired and deserve inclusion in your website?
  • What are the most frequently used social sharing tools? And if you had to choose one social platform, which should it be?
  • What drives seniors to try online social networking? (Does curiosity kill the privacy cat?)
  • What digital resources do Boomers use when considering moving? How does this vary from those used by 65+ seniors?

The ebook answers these and many more questions. It provides recommended actions to help you improve your digital marketing. Available for easy viewing in Kindle format!

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