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Bring new insights into mature consumers to your company, organization or association. Energize your team. Get the tools to build better relationships with prospects and customers, thanks to a better understanding of Baby Boomers and beyond.

Todd Harff is an expert in marketing to baby boomers and 50+ consumers. He and Creating Results team members are available to share their expertise – at seminars, conferences or in private consultation or training sessions.

Topics relate to understanding and marketing to the 40+ adult, multi-generational marketing, active adult housing, senior living and more. Sample titles include:

  • Social, Silver Surfers: Attitudes of Baby Boomers and Beyond Towards Webites and Social Media
  • Traveling through the Ages: The Power of Generational Marketing
  • Social Media for Retirement Communities
  • The Future of 50+ Housing
  • 50 Ways to Engage the 50+ Consumer Online
  • Developing an Effective and Integrated Mature Marketing Plan

If your business desires to grow, start by increasing your effectiveness with those who hold the power of the purse:  mature consumers.

Featured Speakers at:

Speaking/Consulting Contact:
Erin Read
Email: erin@creatingresults.com
Phone: 401-289-2500 x 705

For more information, or to book a member of the Creating Results team, please contact us today.


“A special Shout Out to Todd Harff for his Webinar yesterday. I don't know how many of you were lucky enough to attend, but it was extraordinarily well researched and extremely interesting.  Best of all, there was NEW INFORMATION and INSIGHTS I've never heard before on how the mature market reacts to imagery in surprisingly segmented ways.”

~  Mike Meyers, Director of Fundom, Third Gear

“The presentation was very valuable for me. Speaker Todd Harff of Creating Results was very entertaining as well as informative. He knows how to present the important concepts that are helpful to every business.”

~ Ruth Gordon, Owner, CORE Personal Training and Pilates, Inc.


As we all know, Mature Marketing Matters! That's why we've focused our efforts on reaching this large, diverse and very entertaining cohort as the muse for our blog.

  • 4_24_17

    I went to our local home improvement store this weekend to buy some paint. Let me tell you, that place was busy. Apparently, when the weather is rainy and chilly, what better time is it to repaint a room or two? That is what the six-other people at the paint desk and I thought. So here I […]

    The post Remodeling Trends; Older Single Women appeared first on Creating Results.

  • 4_17_17

    At the beginning of every week we share the most engaging content from the previous week. First up this week, an 81-year-old woman developed an iPhone application having only learned to use computers when she was 60.

    Then, an article from NextAvenue.org discusses the various ways retirement will change in 2017.

    The post Retirement Changes … Is there an app for that? appeared first on Creating Results.

  • 4_10_17

    Every Monday, we recap the most engaging content from the previous week.

    This week, we take a look at a MediaPost article that breaks down characteristics of the different generations of media consumption. Also, an article posted on the National Public Radio website explains how age discrimination in the workplace has become digital.

    The post Me Generation, or Media Generations? appeared first on Creating Results.

  • 4_3_17

    Happy Monday! Each week we explore the mature marketing news that received the most interest and clicks the previous week. This week is all about mobile marketing.

    First, we'll explore mobile usage among boomers and seniors by way of a report from Edison Research, and then we'll take a look at mobile marketing as it relates to what MarketingSherpa found were the most disliked advertising avenues.


    This past week I was thrilled to join the Mid-Atlantic 55+ Housing Council to share opportunities and insights for marketing 55+ communities to the mature consumer. I always learn so much when I join the council, and this event was no exception.

    The post The Good and Bad Of Mobile Marketing appeared first on Creating Results.


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