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Homebuyer Desires

What New Homebuyers Really Want

by Kathy East

1. Energy Efficiency: 94% of new homebuyers rated Energy Star appliances as their most wanted new home feature. An Energy Star rating of the whole home appeals to your prospective buyers' desire to maximize savings (9 out of 10 would prefer a reduction in their bills over homes without these features that cost less) AND reduce their carbon footprint. 

INSIGHT INTO ACTION: Traditions of America takes prospects "behind the scenes" during their Live Better Now events.  By touring homes under construction as well as models, future buyers can see energy efficient features built into each home (and certified by a third-party). Trilogy, the active lifestyle communities from Shea Homes prominently feature the "No Electric Bill Home" on their website homepage.

2. Organization and Storage: Who doesn't want help in this area. Laundry rooms, garage storage and walk-in pantries all ranked very high with prospective home buyers. This is especially critical for many Boomers and Seniors who are downsizing when moving. Providing options for storing treasures will allow your buyers to keep what matters most to them in the move. 

INSIGHT INTO ACTION: Make sure model homes showcases all the ways buyers can keep what matters most to them in the move. Arm your Design Center professionals with a variety of organizational selections/upgrades that they can offer buyers. You can even team up with local transition specialists and offer discounted services to help make the move less stressful.

3. Think Outdoors: Exterior lighting, a patio and front porch all rated as tops among buyers for outdoor features. Think of the whole house, inside and out as potential areas for entertaining.  A large living room area is nice, but a quaint outdoor sitting area will capture the minds and hearts of your prospects.

INSIGHT INTO ACTION: The Green Company includes whimsical descriptions of its outdoor features on its floorplans, emphasizing this unique selling point.



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