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Homebuyer Dislikes

What New Homebuyers Really Don't Want

by Todd Harff

1. Elevators: 70% of buyers would be unlikely to buy a home with this feature. My recommendation- invest your dollars in single level living. According to the survey, 57% of respondents preferred this floorplan type (growing in preference among older adults). 

INSIGHT INTO ACTION:  Moravian Manor, a continuing care retirement community in Pennsylvania, offers a variety of cottage and townhome options for buyers- allowing first floor master suites and providing a variety of floorplan options that allow prospective owners to select a size that works best for them.

2. Golf Courses: Outdoor features are important to your prospective buyers. Focus on keeping natural wooded areas and incorporate walking/jogging trails and outdoor recreation features as opposed to golf courses to maximize community appeal. 

INSIGHT INTO ACTION: At Arora Hills, the master-planned community "co-opted" adjacent outdoor recreation areas for marketing purposes, helping them stand out in a competitive market. Traditions of America recognized how important outdoor features are to prospective buyers, regularly surveying prospects on what they want most---even asking them to rank possibilities ranging from pickleball to basketball, influencing the amenities they build.

3. Chill the Wine Cooler: While entertaining (and the indoor and outdoor spaces that invite it) is important to home buyers, a wine cooler in the kitchen isn't. Instead, be sure to incorporate high quality appliances within your kitchens (62% would rather have a smaller house with high quality products than a bigger home with fewer). 

INSIGHT INTO ACTION:  Think functional and highlight those brand names that you've incorporated into your kitchens. Stanley Martin Homes takes it one step further through their online portal that allows you to browse through all design options, including appliances, by brand name.



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