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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 7/23/12

Round-up time!

1. MOST CLICKED: A Creating Results blog post on the “grandparent economy” from a few years back garnered the most clicks this week. So what grandparents do spend and spend on?Seniors spend money on travel, including travel with grandchildren or girlfriends. Non-profit organizations; travel – by themselves,with friends and with the grandkids; grandchild education; and toys … lots of toys …

Read the post:

(We’d love to see and share updated stats – if you have new data, please share in the comments!)

2. MOST SHARED: The 4 key ingredients for email relevance. As Chad White writes in MediaPost:

“Expectations are steadily rising in the inbox. Having permission only gets  you so far nowadays. Irrelevant and unwanted email is the new spam in the eyes  of both consumers and ISPs. Everyone agrees that “relevance” is the solution,  but it’s often discussed in vague, mystical terms.

While relevance is indeed in the eye of the beholder, that doesn’t mean it’s indescribable. Relevance comes down to a mix for four factors: emails being (1)  desired, (2) user-friendly, (3) valuable, and (4) open.”

Read the post:

3. Also capturing interest and clicks this past week:

* A story from Pennsylvania’s Senior Style on the ageless appeal of “girlfriend getaways” – Everyone who reads this piece wants to join this group of 67 to 83 year olds on their next adventure!

* Senior Housing News explores how marketing to mature consumers requires a holistic approach – Creating Results’ own Beth Rand shares insights and advice on using social media, email, and good ol’ fashioned TV and print to reach baby boomers and beyond.

4. MOST HYSTERICAL: This series of videos from Australian Lawsons Bread company on how to get adult kids to move out uses humor to cut through advertising clutter and reach baby boomers.

View the whole playlist! And be sure to tell us what you think of this campaign in the comments section below – is it effective?

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