Social, Silver Surfers (3rd ed.) pairs data-driven digital marketing insights with action steps to help you better connect with — and capture! — your older prospects.

  • FOCUSED ON BOOMERS AND BEYOND: the only longitudinal study of the online behaviors, marketing preferences and attitudes specifically held by older (40+) adults.
  • BEHIND THE NUMBERS: first-person accounts from mature consumers plus stories from marketing professionals targeting generations X, Boom and Silent.
  • ACTIONABLE IDEAS: dozens of recommendations for website design and development, SEO and/or social media marketing to improve your ROI.

In today's fast-paced digital environment, marketers targeting mature consumers need the latest insights into what older adults WANT, NEED and DO online. You'll find them in Social, Silver Surfers.

Gain Digital Marketing Insights & Improve Your ROI

Why Buy This Book?

Social, Silver Surfers offers insights to help you: Spend budgets and time more wisely. Avoid costly missteps in website user experience, design and content that lead mature prospects to turn away from your offerings. Achieve greater success and improve your ROI.


Who is This Book For?

Organizations that want to move the needle with mature consumers, especially baby boomers and seniors who are members of the Silent Generation. Whether you're marketing travel, housing, health care, financial services or widgets, this book can help you reach your goals.

Special section for real estate marketers, specifically senior living, retirement communities or active adult (55 and over) housing.

This is the third edition of Social, Silver Surfers, a proprietary study of older adults and digital marketing by mature marketing experts, Creating Results.

Each eBook has explored what Silent Generation seniors, members of Gen X and Baby Boomers DO and DON'T want from websites and digital channels. The new edition has three main parts:

  1. SOCIAL SURFERS: Why do some older adults join social networks — and what keeps others from joining? Do they want to be your organization's "friend"?
  2. SILVER SURFERS: What website features / resources are appreciated by boomers and seniors? Which could cost you a customer?
  3. MATURE MOVERS: When, Why and How do older adults use the web when considering, planning and making a move to an age-qualified community? How does that differ from the online behavior of influencers such as caregivers or adult children?

NEW! The authors share insights into three important market segments: caregivers, move helpers and mobile-first internet users. Data is backed up by stories from older adults, insights from senior marketing leaders and recommendations from our award-winning team.

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"A terrific portrait of online elders ... I loved reading this." - Ronni Bennett, Elderblogger, Time Goes By

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Mature marketing expert Erin Read directed and authored all three Social, Silver Surfers editions. Kimberly Hulett (pictured) is the President of Creating Results, Inc., and a nationally-respected leader in senior living marketing and sales. The insights of the Creating Results team have been featured in Brand Week, Marketplace Radio, Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal, The Journal on Active Aging, Forbes and at national and international conferences.

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