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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 7/1

It’s hard to believe that it’s already July.  This week we celebrate our nation’s independence- I hope that you have a wonderful 4th of July celebration.  Now on to the celebration of those mature marketing articles of note from the last week that received the most buzz.  Have something to add?  Please be sure to leave a comment below.

Most Clicked:
MTV released a new study examining the differences within the Millennial cohort, specifically examining the key ways that the younger end of the Millennial spectrum differs from their older counterparts.

The article examines a few key items that impacted this group- the younger Millennial surviving the recession of the last several years and the older Millennials who experienced more of an economic boom.  It also focused on the differences in comfort level with technology and social media that these two groups have, finding that more than half of the younger Millennials like to take a break from technology when able. According to the article,

Millennials are the biggest generation in history, and to stay at the forefront of youth culture, we need to deeply understand the rising tide – who will soon be our core audience and new employees,” said Stephen Friedman, President of MTV. “This study clearly shows that Millennials cannot be viewed as a monolithic bloc.  We are especially impressed to see how Millennial teens are resiliently and optimistically responding to adversity and preparing to win in the game of life.”

Read the full article here:

Most Shared:
MP9004387551An article in Spin Sucks about tips for taking photos generated a number of views and shares last week.  The article chronicled a conference session which spoke about the benefit of utilizing your own photography to accompany content.  The author included several best practices to consider for your photography which you can read within the article here  Some key points I thought were important to keep in mind included:

  • The main focus of your photo should be in one of the thirds of the screen (avoid centered images).
  • White space is your friend.
  • Lighting is important

Creating Results’ Photo Finish survey examines how to effectively choose marketing images that specifically motivate mature consumers. Download the survey and learn how you can invest less money and see more results with the right images.  Click here to download the free eBook.

Worth Repeating:
advertising mediumsA recent survey found that TV is the top advertising medium for reaching affluent adults.  The report, highlighted within Marketing Charts, was conducted by Shullman Research Center and examined a variety of advertising channels to determine which were viewed as most effective and which had the greatest reach. 71% of all adults listed TV as their top medium with magazines and websites trailing close behind. The mix of avenues is a key reason we recommend an integrated marketing approach so you can ensure your message is being filtered through all of those avenues that your target market is utilizing.  Click here to read the full article.


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