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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Personal Data, Public Appeals

March whipped by. April is only one day away. Could the mythical season called “Spring” be far behind?

We won’t delay when it comes to rounding up the top mature marketing links. Based on clicks, tweets, favorites and other shares, here’s what caught the attention of the 50+ marketing crowd last week.

1. MOST CLICKED: Mintel found that baby boomers are less likely to share their personal data with marketers than Millennials. The younger set is twice as likely to share phone numbers and credit scores, and three times as likely to share their social media profile. And if marketers think they can bribe incentivize consumers to get that data, they’ll find older targets are more resistant.

Chart - comparing willingness of boomers, millennials to share information with marketers

Read more highlights from the Mintel study here:

RELATED: Our 2013 Social, Silver Surfers study showed clearly that older adults want to draw a firmer line between personal and public. 40% of all respondents over 40 years old said they had concerns about oversharing and/or the security of their information.

Chart - what older adults like least about social networking


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2. MOST SHARED: Realtors are one group that must make personal connections work for a public effort — selling homes. Michael Harris-Arzon shared his tips on WHEN Realtors should post to social networking sites to capture the most eyeballs.

Read the post:

3. Also of note:

* Better Homes & Gardens released data that contradicts studies by National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), AARP and others. The magazine claims that the majority of baby boomers DO intend to move for retirement. In fact, “more than a quarter, or 27% said they would most likely move to a traditional retirement community such as a 55+ exclusive neighborhood.”

As Todd Harff wrote on this blog in 2010,

“Creating Results has spent more than 15 years of marketing real estate to older, more affluent homebuyers, including a large number of premier active adult communities. What we have found is that – absent the high cost of living states and escape from urban areas – only a small percentage of people are willing to move more than 100 miles. Most people don’t want to move at all and would prefer to age in place.”

Creating Results has now been helping 50+ housing clients reach their goals for 19 years. We have marketed 114 age-qualified communities in 15 states and Mexico, helped to motivate roughly 15,000 people to move.

We would agree with the magazine’s research team that an improving housing market would have more boomers considering moves. But we’d caution against building traditional retirement communities for a very untraditional cohort, as the public appeal of private enclaves has been diminishing.

Read a summary of the BHG research:

RELATED: Baby Boomer Housing Trends, explored at a 2013 Urban Land Institute conference

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