Posted in on December 22, 2014

Mature Marketing Links of the Week- Stuffing the Stockings

Happy Monday!   We’re mixing things up this week, with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer providing the mature marketing news and insights of the week.  We’ve included links to Creating Results’ holiday themed content of years past which are filled with fun and festive insights on boomers and beyond.

And we’re in the giving mood.  If you share a mature marketing idea/insight or simply comment below, we’ll enter you to win a copy of our Social, Silver Surfers eBook.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Mrs. Claus’ Secrets Exposed:  Discover boomer and senior secrets as we explore senior tidbits and secrets from the Mrs. herself.  Click here for an infographic chalk-full of senior insights from Mrs. Claus’ perspective.

Santa’s Senior Secrets:  By some accounts, Santa Claus is now 2014 years old. By others, he’s around 200. Either way, he’s definitely our favorite senior .  Click here for secrets from the jolly man in red.

Open the Door to A Happy Holidays: Visit this interactive page each day leading up to New Year’s to discover a new holiday surprise.  Click here to explore our holiday doors.




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