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Spreading the Word and Changing (TV) Times

Happy Monday! Each week we pause and revisit the mature marketing stories and insights from the past week that had people sharing and clicking.  This week, we explore TV and how the ways in which baby boomers engage with it have evolved. We’ll also take a look at the far-reaching shares and applications of research.

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MOST SHARED: Research Sharing Across the Pond

As a marketer you want to capture as much information on a prospect as possible so you can nurture them with relevant messaging that is likely to elicit action. But for the prospect, they aren’t necessarily ready to share personal information with you in order to gain some initial awareness into your offering.

website-pet-peeve-change-since-2010We were thrilled when we saw that Mature Thinking, a London-based marketing agency, is as passionate as we are about mature marketing.

We were even more thrilled when they tweeted insights from our 2013 Social, Silver Surfers research which examined the preferences and pet peeves of mature consumers when it comes to all things web related (including sign up forms).

They specifically referenced our research regarding online information submissions, and the fact that more than 58% of boomers and beyond dislike being required to provide personal information just to obtain general information about a brand or organization.

It’s true – while as marketers we may see it as an attempt to learn just a little about a prospect, they see it as an invasion of privacy (and an invitation to engage with them – something they aren’t necessarily ready to offer).

So just how do you cross that divide?  Well…we’re excited to share the very latest data and actions you can take on sign up forms and other pet peeves this fall with our session at LeadingAge, followed by the release of our accompanying Social, Silver Surfers 2016 ebook.

And our thanks again to Mature Thinking for helping to shine a light on this marketing challenge.


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MOST CLICKED: A History Lesson – TV and Boomers

There was a lot of interest in a piece from The Seattle Times that we shared that examined the relationship and history of boomers and TV.

The article noted key dates in TV’s history – both pre- and post- boomer – including the announcement from RCA’s National Broadcasting Co. that it would be moving into TV (pre-boomer), and “Howdy Doody” (post-boomer).  It went on to site several examples of how the lives of boomers were closely tied to the coming of age of TV, noting:

TV chronicled this bracing wave of wonder and potential, and built upon it as an essential part of what set boomers apart: They were pampered and privileged and groomed for a sure-to-be-glorious tomorrow.

Last month we explored emoji etiquette and it’s usage.  In the post we noted the importance of knowing your target market as you determine if your efforts are in the name of “new and shiny” or “effective”.  The same could be said for the evolution of TV and boomers – while it was new and shiny for sure, it was more a vehicle for helping showcase interesting and relevant material that resonated with boomer viewers interests and desires.  Use this as a measuring stick for any message or avenue you want use to reach your consumers – because success can (and hopefully will) be yours if you do.

Read the full article.

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