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Rocky Mountain Recap – Enquire Summit 2018

After a whirlwind trip to Denver, Colorado, it’s finally time to recap our biggest takeaways from the Enquire Summit. We got an in-depth look at Enquire’s CRM, heard from some amazing keynote speakers, networked with fantastic people in the industry and learned how marketing and sales should work together seamlessly.

Read along and join me on a 48-hour trip (condensed into a few minutes of reading) to the Rocky Mountains to see what you should not only know about Enquire and their product, but also general learnings from their inaugural conference.

DAY 1: SuperUser Training & Certification

Attendees who believe that Day 1 of a conference should be about easing into the event were in for quite the surprise at the Enquire Summit. The first day was all about diving deep into two tracks: SuperUser Training or Analytics Creation.

Though I wish I could have cloned myself and done both, I chose to spend my day in SuperUser Training and it was well worth it! While there’s still more to learn, and I will be taking a few more steps to gain my official partner certification, this seven-hour course was time well spent.

During this workshop, I learned from the Enquire Solutions experts on how to build forms, manipulate data, and explore new features and functions, all with my own log-in. It wasn’t like a typical training where someone is standing at the front of the room teaching – they were teaching us how to fish with real-time profiles and feedback.

The only downside? Not being able to spend more time playing, building and running reports. I look forward to continuing to dig and dive deeper into Enquire for my own benefit and that of our clients.

Day 1 training was not to be overshadowed by the opening keynote speaker, Robert Kramer. If that name sounds familiar, then you’re probably aware of NIC (National Investment Center for Senior Housing & Care) which was founded by Mr. Kramer.

“In the future, healthcare will go to where seniors, especially frail seniors, live rather than forcing these seniors to go to the hospital or doctor’s office to receive their healthcare. Boomer consumers will demand it, technology will enable it and payers (managed care) will pay for it because they believe it will produce meaningful healthcare dollar savings.” Bob Kramer, 2018


DAYS 2 & 3: Total Immersion

The second and third days of the Enquire Summit were all about learning outside of the CRM. With sessions like “Applying Sales and Marketing Processes to Recruitment and Retention” and “Relationship Management and Creating Effective Sales Plans,” it again was sometimes hard to choose which session to attend. Day 2 started with Bill Rancic speaking about how he got his entrepreneurial start at age six hustling his grandmother’s friends over pancakes, working for Donald Trump, and what it takes to be successful in business.

In the session “Secrets to Effective Pipeline Management and Forecasting,” John Greaves of DEI Sales Management talked about how a system should be in place to really define what a “hot” lead means for your organization and the process in which your CRM can help you do that. But you have to go beyond the algorithm as well to ensure that your culture is clear about forecasts and action plans.

At Creating Results, we couldn’t agree more. We coach our clients’ sales teams on how to categorize the status of leads for everyone on the team to understand and follow suit. This not only helps the sales team with properly gauging the potential for future sales, but also the executive team.

The common thread among many of the speakers, and something we’ve been hearing for a few years now, is that “the Boomers are coming” – meaning we are approaching a time where a majority of the 65+ population will consist of the Boomer generation. What does a Boomer look like?

Enquire Summit Boomers Presentation

Because the new customer is about the experience, selling to them will not be the same. The customer’s journey used to be thought of as a funnel, but in reality, we think of it more like the graphic below. It’s messy with a lot of twists and turns and touchpoints that get in the way.

purchase funnel

So how do you sell to a moving target? Hoppy Sell from Spectrum Consultants gave a few insights, most notably

  • Sell with emotion
  • Sell with empathy (versus sympathy)
  • Sell with passion
  • Sell with connection

The more you can connect, empathize and understand your consumer, the better your relationship will be and ultimately, you’ll make this large transaction and decision in their life easier and earn a sale in the process.

I’d love to share more with you about the Enquire Summit, but I’m trying to keep my word of condensing this recap to a “few minutes of reading time.” I’m already looking forward to next year’s Summit!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this great TedTalk that Erin Hayes, Chief Revenue Officer of Enquire Solutions, shared with us as she rolled out the CRM’s latest features. It’s all about body language and how having a “power pose” can boost feelings of confidence and make an impact on our success. Enjoy!

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