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Roundup: 5 Tools Every Salesperson Should Have

The sales journey for 55+ and senior living communities is rarely as straightforward as salespeople would like. In this month’s roundup, we look at best practices and new techniques you can implement into your strategy to bring in more leads and close more sales.

1. A Comprehensive Guide for Generating Sales Leads

If your team isn’t attracting leads, they aren’t closing. While traditional lead generation methods still work, the digital age has added countless new ways to get more leads through the door.

Learn 19 lead-generating techniques builders and developers can use in this Placester article.

2. Quality — Not Quantity — Drives Sales

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is focusing on the volume of leads coming in rather than nurturing a smaller group of warmer, more qualified leads.

Find out more about ways you can better nurture your best prospects from inquiry to sale in this article by Senior Care Growth.

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3. Give These 55 Techniques a Try

Though not specific to the active adult or senior living industries, 55 Sales Tips & Techniques That Work Like an Absolute Charm is well worth the read. From asking questions only an expert would know the answer to, to suggesting the close rather than asking for it, you’ll discover plenty of techniques to add to your arsenal.

You’ll find the 55 techniques, as well as helpful images, graphs, charts and more in this article from Gong.

4. Overcoming Objections in the Senior Living Industry

It’s not often that a salesperson can make the close without having to overcome at least one objection from the prospect. Our blog post from February 2019 lists some of the most common objections faced during the senior living journey and how to overcome them.

Find out more in Overcoming the Top 5 Objections in Senior Living Sales by Creating Results Sales Specialist and Project Director, Jessica Ruhle.

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5. Sales Podcasts Worth a Listen

Limited time to read? Start listening instead. Podcasts are booming, and you’ll find countless sales-related podcasts you can listen to throughout your day for insights on how to be a better salesperson.

Sales Hacker compiled a list of 50 podcasts that will expand your expertise and increase your closings.

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