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Top 4 Most Common Sales Mistakes in Senior Living and 55+ Real Estate

Are you ready to see your community’s sales increase? Then let’s talk about some common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid in the senior living and 55+ active adult real estate markets. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, these mistakes can easily creep into your sales process. So, let’s dive into the top 4 most common sales mistakes you’ll want to steer clear of — and how to fix them.

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Sales mistake 1: Ignoring digital leads

You get an email inquiry from someone interested in your community. You fire off a quick email reply, and then what? If you’re moving on and forgetting about that lead, you’re leaving potential sales on the table.

Why digital leads matter

Digital leads might feel “anonymous” with just a name and email address, but they’re among the most cost-effective leads. Plus, once digital leads decide to engage, they often progress through their sales journey more quickly than traditional leads.


Don’t settle for a one-off email. Schedule regular follow-up activities to continue reaching out. Keep them informed with regular updates about your community, special events or even a personalized video tour. It shows that you value their interest and helps build trust.

Sales mistake 2: Not performing discovery

Ever found yourself highlighting all the top features of your community only to see your prospect’s eyes glaze over? That’s what happens when you skip discovery.

What is discovery?

Discovery is about understanding your prospect’s needs, wants and why they’re looking in the first place. Instead of “feature dumping” (talking about every single feature), ask questions about their specific situation to find out what matters to them. What’s prompting them to look for communities? What’s holding them back? What are their top concerns? Knowing the answers to these questions and more will also help you overcome objections later on.

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Always ask yourself, “What’s in it for the prospect?” By crafting your pitch to resonate with their unique situation, you’ll make a more lasting impression and move closer to a sale.

Sales mistake 3: Forgoing follow-up

You gave the tour, you had the call — and now you wait. But if you’re simply waiting for the lead to re-engage, you’re missing a golden opportunity.

Why follow up?

Our database research and secret shopping of communities show that salespeople often neglect follow-up. However, a timely, relevant follow-up is your chance to provide information that’s customized to your prospect’s needs and keep them engaged in the process.


You don’t have to be a pest. A gentle reminder here and there, sharing a success story or offering a special invitation to an event can rekindle interest without being pushy.

Sales mistake 4: Not creating scarcity and urgency

Imagine your prospect thinking, “There’s plenty of time, and there’s no real reason to act now.” That’s a stalled sales process in the making.

Why create urgency?

A sense of scarcity and urgency can propel a prospect to take the next step in their journey. It’s not about pressuring them, but rather, offering genuine incentives that align with their needs.

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Share with them a limited-time offer, highlight a particular unit that’s in high demand or simply explain why now might be the best time to decide. Give them a compelling reason to move forward.

It’s all about the prospect

At the end of the day, sales in the senior living and 55+ active adult real estate sector is all about understanding and catering to the unique needs of your prospects. By avoiding these common sales mistakes and adopting a more personalized, engaged approach, you’ll not only boost your sales numbers but also build relationships that last.

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