Kimberly Hulett

President & Co-Owner

Kimberly is responsible for leading the organization and maintaining the focus on delighting clients. She brings clients a unique perspective on strategic sales and marketing strategy and implementation due to over 20 years of experience working on the provider side before joining the Creating Results team in 2015. Clients value the guidance she offers for positioning communities for growth, increasing revenue and profitability and reaching their occupancy goals — all of which she achieved while working for some of the largest for-profit and not-for-profit senior living organizations in the country.

As a New England native, Kimberly is an avid Boston Red Sox fan and can be found cheering the team on during the sunny months.

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Amanda Combs

VP, Marketing Strategy

As the leader of Creating Results’ Marketing Strategy department, Amanda oversees the Client Service and the Strategy and Planning teams. She guides the agency’s account management, leads the development of client marketing plans and projects, and ensures timely and successful implementation. Amanda has an aptitude for remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and innovation in marketing. She is constantly exploring opportunities to incorporate new digital tactics or agency tools to keep our clients ahead of their competition and meeting their goals.

Amanda’s love for marketing strategy is exceeded only by her love for family outings, beach vacations, homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Netflix binges and bourbon cocktails.

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Mike Stakem

Director, Creative Services

Known affectionately as “The Wizard” to some of our clients, Mike oversees all the agency’s creative talent, including internal and external designers, production artists, photographers, copywriters, web designers, coders and video producers. As one of the agency’s most-tenured team members, Mike brings close to 20 years of leadership and strategy in developing and designing creative campaigns that help our clients capture the imagination of the 50+ consumer.

Having recently traded in Virginia’s moderate climate for the Florida sunshine, Mike has grown fond of spending his weekends at the beach.
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Jessica Ruhle

Sales Specialist & Project Director

Jessica works closely with our clients’ sales teams to align their sales and marketing initiatives in order to exceed their occupancy goals. Jessica is well-versed in auditing each clients’ sales processes and identifying opportunities to streamline for more efficient discovery and nurturing, consistent documentation of sales interactions and a shortened sales cycle. Her years of experience in athletics helped refine the natural leadership skills that carried over into her career, and she has overseen the sales and marketing transformations of several senior living organizations.

Jessica is a former collegiate field hockey player and remains dedicated to the game both as a coach and a referee.
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Allie Dongoski

Account Director

Allie oversees the strategy and implementation of branding initiatives, integrated marketing campaigns and other projects designed to enhance the 50+ customer’s journey and help our clients achieve their sales and occupancy goals. Having joined the Creating Results team as an Account Coordinator before being promoted to Account Manager and then Account Director, Allie has a proven track record of delighting our clients. Our partners value her quick decision-making and uncanny ability to guide them toward the course of action that’s most beneficial for their needs in such a fast-moving industry.

Allie finds the most joy spending time with her husband and children, but also loves a nice run outdoors and yoga.
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Katie Beaver

Account Director

Katie is no stranger to helping clients across various industries meet their goals. As Account Director, she provides our senior living and 55+ clients with strategic marketing insights to help them meet their goals and keeps a keen eye on all projects to ensure all tactics are optimized for maximum impact. She impresses her team members with her ability to stay ahead of, and leverage, traditional and digital media trends for lead generation and prospect nurturing, expertise she honed during over a decade delighting some of the most prominent Fortune500 players prior to joining Creating Results.

Katie is a former gymnast and was part of a traveling circus in her youth!
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Lori Bonante

Account Coordinator

As Account Coordinator, Lori is responsible for implementing marketing and media strategies as effectively and efficiently as possible, ensuring they exceed our clients’ expectations. Prior to joining the Creating Results team, Lori was a jack-of-all trades having served as Copyeditor at Media General, as well as Graphic Designer at S&P 500 company, Gartner. Now, she uses her passion for project management and client relations to ensure production timelines are maintained and all team members understand their roles in the process.

It’s not uncommon to find Lori heading to the gym at 4:30 a.m. to get her morning workout in before heading to the office. She also enjoys reading, camping and road trips.
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Kevin Williams

Manager, Copy & Content

Kevin is responsible for bringing our clients’ brand voice to life across all marketing channels and using words to help them stand out from their competitors. Since joining Creating Results in 2015, Kevin has developed his knowledge of content marketing, content management systems, email marketing and SEO and uses concepts learned across these disciplines to guide his writing for our clients.

Outside of the office, Kevin is an avid sports fan, frequent gym goer and occasional DJ.
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Kelcey Sachs

Marketing Planner

Kelcey is one of the team’s go-to resources for all things digital. Having excelled as a Media Marketing Associate upon joining the Creating Results team in 2016, she’s hit the ground running in her new role and is responsible for researching, negotiating and planning multi-channel marketing tactics for each client, and providing account teams with insights and best practices for implementation. Prior to coming to Creating Results, Kelcey developed her marketing, organization and process improvement skills while working for two Fortune500 companies.

Whether at a beach or a winery, Kelcey enjoys family outings, as well as drawing, working out and bacon!
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Aaron Miles

Digital Marketing Manager

Aaron is the person the Creating Results team members go to for all their digital execution needs. He’s responsible for the setup, integration and troubleshooting of all our clients’ digital marketing and automation platforms. Aaron works closely with his Strategy & Planning teammates to ensure all marketing and digital assets are in alignment with campaign goals and can be properly tracked to ensure reporting accuracy. Prior to joining the team, Aaron served in the military and as a Digital Marketing Analyst.

In his free time, Aaron loves to travel — he’s been to the Dominican Republic twice — and ride jets skis.

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Kanella Thomas

Office Manager & Accounting Assistant

Kanella plays an invaluable role in keeping the Creating Results team functioning so seamlessly. She’s become the team’s Swiss army knife, managing everything from the team’s information technology infrastructure to client billing to keep our busy office running smoothly. Kanella is no stranger to the world of 55+ and senior living, having worked at an assisted living community early on in her career, followed by 12 years at an accounting firm.

Outside of the office, Kanella is the devoted mother to a precocious toddler, and also enjoys putting her culinary skills to the test perfecting new recipes.
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Todd Harff

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

After more than two decades growing Creating Results into an internationally respected 50+ marketing agency, Co-Founder and former President Todd Harff continues to serve the agency in an organizational advisory role. As a respected writer, featured speaker and frequent contributor to industry publications, Todd combines his market insights, creative solutions and pragmatic business knowledge to bring a unique and powerful perspective to help clients achieve their goals. Prior to founding Creating Results, Todd served as Director of Sales and Marketing for some of the most esteemed builders in the real estate industry.

In his free time, Todd enjoys traveling with his wife Judy and their two daughters, as well as sailing the New England waters — and beyond!

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Judy Harff


Having founded A Bolder Image, a graphic design company in 1993, Judy was responsible for creating the foundation upon which Creating Results was built. By the time A Bolder Image evolved into Creating Results in 1997, Judy was designing award-winning comprehensive marketing and advertising materials for clients in the real estate and senior living industries and providing leadership critical to the company’s success and growth. As a master of many trades, Judy has served as Art Director, Creative Director, Research Leader, Human Resources Manager and more. She now works with the other owners of Creating Results to provide strategic oversight and develop agency strategy.

Judy is an avid traveler and says that her ideal vacation would be in a warm, carefree place offering inspiring ideas, people, activities and, of course, healthy food.

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