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Grab the Broom- Spring Cleaning Tips to Optimize Your Email Program

Each Spring the cleaning bug strikes- we clean out our closets, drawers, cars and other areas that have been neglected through the long winter months.  Your email program is no exception. In order to ensure effectiveness you should regularly evaluate metrics, shift goals and review the integration of your email marketing program.

We’ve created a checklist of the top 5 things you should be doing as you evaluate your program. Happy Spring Cleaning!

1. Mix it Up
Relevancy is key to motivating your subscribers to action.  Ensure that your messaging calendar includes a mix of message types to appeal to the largest swath of your database. If you are capturing preferences from subscribers be sure to use them. People will unsubscribe quickly if they don’t feel like you’re listening to them.

2. Re-Engagereengagement
Traditions of America does a great job of letting lapsed subscribers know they are missed.  Send an engagement message to anyone within your list who hasn’t opened a message within the last 6 months to remind them of the exclusive benefits of receiving your emails.

3. Check Your Integration
Use Google Analytics to identify pages with the most traffic and be sure those links are included in email messaging. The same goes for social media links- make sure they are standard on your messaging templates.  Review how many clicks they are receiving and, if needed, reposition for greater exposure and action.

4. Just Click It
Click through rates are one of the strongest measures of email success. Review your click through rates for the last 6 months.  Are there specific links that continuously receive a high number of clicks? If so, create messages specific to the content within those pages to leverage the high level of interest and drive open rates.

The benchmark of a successful program is a set of clear, actionable goals. We recommend setting goals for open rate, click through rate, frequency and lead generation.  Evaluate your goals every 6 months to ensure they are still tied to your overall marketing needs and are being met.

Want to learn more?  Click here for a case study on the email program for North Hill senior living. You’ll get more tips and recommendations for maximizing your own marketing efforts.


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