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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – A smattering of digital

Our regular mature marketing links round-up this week features a smattering of data, thought-pieces and tips all related to the digital space. Is it a sign of the continually growing use of technology by older adults? Or a sign that marketers and businesses are finally looking past stereotypes about this group?

Either way, on with the links!

1. MOST SHARED: On which social networking platforms will you find baby boomers and seniors? We share data from two sources — the Pew Internet & American Life Project’s latest report and Creating Results’ Social, Silver Surfers national study.Chart - percentage of online adults by age group using facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and linked in

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* 5 ways to heat up tech sales to seniors:

I’d say these same recommendations – Make it Fun, Tailor Recommendations, Influence the Influencers – also could be applied to social media and content marketing. When it comes down to it, you need to be as thoughtful with your sales and marketing as seniors are with their purchase decisions.

* When the New York Times overhauled its website last week, one of the changes had to do with “native advertising.” Curious about what that is, and why it’s getting so much hype? A CPC Strategy Blog post presents a roundtable discussion featuring 18 digital marketing pros:

* Thought-leader Brian Solis shares his 2014-2015 agenda, “the years where the importance of customer and employee experience triggers a revolution in digital transformation.” Here are two of Solis’ focus areas which stood out to me:

    1. Social Business will be a way of business not a stand alone, bolt-on or isolated functional strategy.

    Solis notes that most companies still see social as limited to marketing and customer service. He feels companies need to have social woven into all business functions.

     3. Digital transformation is going to be driven by the desire to integrate and enhance the evolving customer experience

     Who is looking at the customer journey at your senior living community or 50+ focused organization? What touch points could be transformed and improved by digital? How could you better engage and serve customers?

Because our agency’s expertise is the 50+ consumer, we get to talk with organizations in a lot of different industries. And often there is not only a relegating of social to the marketing but resistance by other departments. Enhancing customer experience will mean busting silos and creating, as Solis writes, a culture of innovation.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on digital transformation specific to boomers and seniors AND the organizations marketing to them. Please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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