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Mature Marketing Links of the Week: How Do You Make an Email Subject Line Irresistible?

Our Monday round up of top 50-plus marketing links aims to grab you by the subject line and take you on the road. Are you ready to ride?

1. MOST CLICKED / MOST RETWEETED: “Using one of these 2 elements in your email’s subject line all but guarantees someone will open it,” we posted, applying the insights of John Nemo to our tweet. His strategy proved itself immediately through opens and shares.

How does Nemo turn an email subject line into “catnip for clients”? We’ll let him explain:

“Three Carnegie-Mellon scientists found that effective email subject lines fall into one of two categories: Utility and Curiosity. They either demonstrate their usefulness to the recipient or make the recipient curious about what’s inside.

Stop and think about it. Better yet, go back over the last 5 sales emails you sent out to prospects.

  • Do your email subject lines make readers curious? Do they offer any kind of intrigue?
  • Do your email subject lines make readers HAVE to open the document in order to discover the relevant and invaluable knowledge you’re about to part with?”

Read Nemo’s post:

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2. Also of note

* Marketing travel to older women (boomers & seniors)? Find insights on our blog.

That dip into the Creating Results blog vaults was prompted by this newer item: “Leave complaints, aches & pains at home” – travel advice from the Global Grannies. Three “grannies” from Montana started the group, which has grown to 260 members from 13 states.

This is a great piece on NPR — worth a listen for 50-plus marketing insights!

* 47% of 55+ers say they “don’t really trust” ads. Distrust also rises with education levels, so if you’re marketing a high-end product or service to 50-plussers, check this report out.

And finally, we offer a favorite quote from a great writer … a great journalist … a great human who passed last week. RIP, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.



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