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Have Baby Boomer, Will Travel

How to Effectively Leverage The Web To Attract Baby Boomers

According to a recent finding by Gallup, 26% of baby boomers are spending more on travel.  Quirk’s Marketing Research highlighted a study examining buying behaviors, and found that 90% of boomers are making their trBaby Boomers and Spending from Gallopavel purchases online.

Boomers and seniors are a perfect target market for travel, as they have the most disposable income and time. But are our websites firing on all cylinders to effectively capture this cohort and lead them to purchase? Creating Results’ Social, Silver Surfers research uncovered a number of website “pet peeves” that serve as top turn-offs for boomers and beyond.  Tops on the list of things to avoid: poor navigation and difficult to locate contact information.

Here are some tips for what you can do to help your travel website capture the boomer travel bookers:
*  Make it EASY – integrate all the tools they will need to book a complete trip- from room reservations to trip planners and highlight the availability of these tools so visitors use (and value) them.
*  Make it FRIENDLY – 67% of our mature respondents to Social, Silver Surfers noted a desire to have printer-friendly pages.
*  Make it ENGAGING – It should be fun for site visitors to discover the many facets of your city, town or attraction. Ultimately, excitement leads to action, so make it vibrant in both look and content.

Discover how Creating Results helped position one local Convention & Visitors Bureau digitally, leading to more traffic and more visitation.  Click here to read the case study.

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Traveling Baby Boomer Pet Peeves

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