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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Bills and Builders

Just when I’ve gotten into the swing of Sunday, Monday appears … Time for our weekly round-up of resources for mature marketing!

1. MOST CLICKED: Veteran journalist Bill Moyers has been looking closely at aging in America for some time on his site,, and his readers have reacted by posting their own stories of concern. Paul Buchheit’s contribution to the conversation became the most clicked item of last week.

“It’s Time To Stop Discarding the Elderly,” Buchheit writes, labeling current economic and political attitudes a form of elder abuse.

“Financial exploitation comes from the banking industry; neglect emanates from the halls of Congress; and emotions are stirred through the stories of impoverished seniors …”

Read the post, which is chock full o’ links to stats and stories:

US serviceman points at the G.I. Bill of RightsAnother Kind of Bill: We couldn’t let June 22 go by without marking a major anniversary. On June 22, 1944, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law a bill that would change America. The G.I. Bill would offer servicemen returning from World War II a range of support, from low-interest home loans to unemployment benefits to funds for higher education.

FDR was trying to prevent a repeat of the economic depression that happened after World War I. The G.I. Bill went on to drive a period of unrivaled prosperity, a 30-year economic expansion that benefited and shaped the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers. It also completely changed the way higher education was viewed. Today’s Millennials, the most educated generation in history, have this 71-year-old legislation to thank for making college accessible beyond the nation’s wealthiest families.

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2. MOST SHARED: Builders — whether they’re offering age-qualified (55+ housing) communities or stand-alone homes — should be aware that baby boomers are not going to take an “off-the-shelf model.”

Tim McCarthy from Traditions of America (a Creating Results client) offered his thoughts on “The New American Home” for Yahoo! Finance. It’s a look at trends from pet suites to spa baths, many of which are trickling down from Boomers to Millennials.

Read the article:


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