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Aging Baby Boomers – Are their boots still made for walking?

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This week,The Huffington Post sheds light on how Baby Boomers are becoming the next “walking disabled.” Also, we will be taking a good hard look at our own assumptions that typically guide our marketing content strategies.

Most Clicked: Healthier Boomers are Walking Boomers

A blog post in The Huffington Post identified Boomers as the new walking disabled and explained the consequences of this condition as identified by Dr. Thomas Gill, professor at Yale School of Medicine.

In a study that followed over 600 people that were ages 70+, Dr. Gill found that losing the ability to walk adversely impacted overall quality of life.



Being among the “walking disabled” results in social isolation, increased dependence on family and friends, and even depression and cognitive decline due to lack of conversation.

However, thanks to today’s technological advancements, there are plenty of devices and apps that can help get (and track) Baby Boomers moving and keep them going. The use of such savvy tools is critical to our beloved Boomers’ quality of life.

As marketers (and adult children) we must be mindful of the immense benefits incorporating these tools can have.

It is also important to consider what the actual physical implications are for those who are walking disabled. If we’re holding an event for example, we need to ensure that there is additional transportation (and other services) set up to help those who may not be able to walk from the parking lot or to physically participate in various event activities.

Urban developers are paying attention to this trend as well and are developing walkable cities and towns. This doesn’t just include trails, sidewalks and parks; it includes more opportunities to connect with neighbors and the community.

Click here to read the full blog post and learn more about the survey.

Most Shared: Benefits of Challenging Your Content Marketing

Last week a post by Ann Handley challenged us all to take a good hard look at the state of our own content marketing and the assumptions that we use as content drivers.

Handley, a marketing thought-leader, advises that taking a step back and slowing down is the best way to challenge your content marketing assumptions so you can truly evaluate.


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She recommends you…

Keep Your Content Marketing In Check By Asking These Questions:

  1. Is Content Marketing really the thing we believe it is?
  2. Is it really a game-changer?

Challenge Your Marketing Assumptions:

  1. Challenge what you think you know. Poke holes in what you’ve always done and the way you’ve always done it.
  2. Challenge yourself to think of alternatives.
  3. Simplify your marketing by putting quality above quantity.
  4. Say no sometimes.
  5. Aim for sustainability over the quick-hit.
  6. Ask What if…?

The blog post also notes another trend for 2017, which is slow marketing. Slow marketing goes hand and hand with challenging content. It gives us marketers the time to  check in with our marketing assumptions as well as to develop a more sustainable marketing strategy.

Read the full blog post here.


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