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Content Marketing: How-To Videos for the Win

Happy Monday! Rather than our normal most clicked and shared recap, we thought the timing was right to focus today’s post on content and how to impact your marketing strategy for 2018.

How-To Videos and Mature Consumers

“7 in 10 viewers often use YouTube to solve a problem when it comes to their job, studies or hobbies,” states Think with Google’s recent study, The Values of YouTube. Quick story: my husband is one of those 7 viewers. After spending 2+ hours trying remove my old brake rotor, he chose YouTube to be his guiding light when figuring out how to remove a striped screw. He eventually was successful, but not before pulling me into the YouTube how-to fix. PS: This is a real story, but here is the thing — most brake rotors don’t have screws (thanks YouTube). Mazda did this as an added safety feature. Happy Saturday to me!

Celie O’Neil-Hart posted more stats pertaining to The Values of YouTube Study, including “86% of viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things.”

We know it is important and deemed successful for marketers to advertise using video ads which will be viewed before the how-to video. But what about creating how-to content for your prospects in general?

Moving into a Senior Living Community can be a daunting experience, not just for the adult child but also for the senior who is impacted by the transition. Creating how-to content like what is the first step after identifying the community that fits the seniors needs or how to have talk with your parents about moving.

Our client Traditions of America provides how-to content with their Buying Made Easy and Try Before You Buy programs. Videos explain what each of their programs is about and how the programs work.

To view these how-to videos, click here:

50+ Marketing Tip: Use current residents to give testimonials during the how-to video. This will help give credibility to your brand while also creating content that solves a problem for the prospect.

To read the full article, click here:


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