Posted in on May 21, 2020

4 Uplifting Senior Living COVID-19 News Stories

Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook as we continue to quarantine in our homes. But even as the majority of senior living COVID-19 news stories have cast a troubling narrative over retirement communities during this time, there are still just as many stories of good Samaritans going above and beyond to spread joy at communities.  

Let’s take a look at a few uplifting senior living COVID-19 news stories and how staff, residents, family, volunteers and even celebrities are helping to keep spirits high at communities.

Residents Become DJs of Their Favorite Tunes

Need some new tunes to listen to? Turn the dial to Radio Recliner, the online radio station created by Wilmington Island, Georgia’s Summer Breeze Senior Living that lets residents be the DJ and curate music for seniors across the country to listen to. The station promotes social listening while social distancing. It has provided a unique way for residents to connect with their families through song as well as connect with fellow senior living community residents across the country who tune in daily at noon.

With the community not being as social as residents are used to, this program has helped them combat the loneliness they’ve  been feeling and bring some joy back into their days — all while singing along or even showing off some of their best dance moves!

Uplifting Senior Living COVID-19 News That Will Make You Say “BINGO!”

What do you think of when you hear the name Matthew McConaughey? Some people may think of the smooth-talking leading man from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But after this next story, next time you hear his name, “world’s most famous bingo caller” may be the first thing that comes to mind. McConaughey recently led a couple of games of virtual bingo with Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living in Round Rock, Texas. It was a surprise that brought joy to residents who had been missing their usual bingo games.

The native Texan was joined by his family to cheer on the residents as they filled in their boards and two lucky residents had the pleasure of being able to yell “BINGO!” at the end of the evening. The generosity McConaughey showed to residents is something they will always remember. Round Rock’s next bingo caller will have some big shoes to fill!

Matthew McConaughey - Goldene Kamera 2014 - Berlin

Music Class Sings to Residents

Once a week, led by their instructor, students from St. Isidore’s Roman Catholic Parish School in Quakertown, Pennsylvania perform for residents at Phoebe Richland. Both the residents and the students get joy out of the performance and it’s become a weekly highlight at the community. It gives the residents a chance to feel like kids again. Residents have noted how they enjoy hearing the students’ renditions of songs they enjoyed growing up and how they appreciate the opportunity for intergenerational interactions.

After the performances, the students get the chance to speak with residents and ask them questions to learn more about their lives. Weekly Zoom calls give both groups a chance to have quality time with another generation.


Happy Birthday to You!

Many of us have celebrated “quarantined birthdays,” including me! But these celebrations take on a different meaning when you are turning 96. In our last uplifting senior living COVID-19 news story, one resident from our client Fairing Way had what she calls “the best birthday ever.” Her friends and neighbors called to send their warmest wishes and each knock at her door brought the surprise of birthday gifts!

So if you are stuck in your homes and need some positivity, just look around at all the good that is happening right now with your community. Maybe you too can brighten someone’s day with a small act of kindness that can inspire them to spread the joy. There’s no shortage of uplifting senior living COVID-19 news stories if you know where to look. What are some of the ways that happiness has been brought to your community during this time? Tweet it to us on Twitter. Who knows — you may just inspire the next act of kindness in another community.

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