Posted in on May 27, 2010

Parody Web Sites Entertaining AND Effective?

More often than not, parody web sites are pure entertainment.  Here’s one with a twist.  AgentHarvest is a company that markets top real estate agents.  To build exposure and get their message across, they created a parody site called Really Rotten Realty, which makes fun of the typical agent.  I thought it was funny and clever and could help with word-of-mouth marketing. 

reallyrottenrealestatebadgeThe copy is terrific.  Homebuyers truly looking for a good agent can relate to the situations described.  From the “Sell A Home” page:

“We believe in the 3-P’s of real estate marketing: Put, Put and Pray. Put a sign in the yard, Put it on MLS and then Pray someone will come along and buy it. We usually find that after enough time passes, and after several price drops the house usually sells itself without too much intervention from us. That’s an easy commission earned. We like easy.”

And you’ve got to love the photos and stories on the testimonials page.  Priceless!  

I can see this site working well to recruit more top agents to AgentHarvest while simultaneously educating consumers in an entertaining way and driving traffic the parent web site. What do you think about parody web sites as part of a marketing program?

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