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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 11/26/12

I hope everyone enjoyed the short week and the long weekend. This week, I’ve got the opposite happening! I’m heading to New Orleans for the International Council on Active Aging conference to present an exciting case study — “The Ins & Outs: Social Media Marketing for Retirement Communities.” Will you be in Nawlins as well? I hope I’ll see you at the session, Thursday, November 29 at 4:30.Erin Read Ruddick will speak at the ICAA 2012 conference

Now, on with the 50+ marketing links that received the most attention Thanksgiving week.

1. MOST CLICKED: Ever wonder what keeps people reading and discovering on your website? New research finds 76% say it’s “related links.”

2. MOST SHARED: Kathy East’s blog post — a “Traveling Baby Boomer’s Pet Peeves” — resonated with many readers of our blog. Kathy identified 3 items which represent opportunities for travel businesses to do better by boomers … and capture more of their travel spend.

Read the post:


Money can’t buy you love, but apparently it can buy a higher email open rate

If this guy can reduce complex rocket science to simple words, you can simplify your marketing copy


Related Links (couldn’t help myself): Blogs are a logical place for “related links.” Read Todd Harff’s post on how blogging can help woo baby boomer home buyers.

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