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Mature Marketing Links of the Week 4/29/13

Here we go…these are the top mature marketing links, posts and insights from the previous week.  Enjoy (and be sure to share your top mature marketing insights within the comments).

1. MOST CLICKED:  A Princeton University study on ageism examined perceptions of older people across generations. According to the study, three key stereotypes were identified:

Ageism ResearchSuccession: The idea that older people should move aside from high-paying jobs and prominent social roles for younger people

Identity: The idea that older people shouldn’t attempt to act younger than they are

Consumption: The idea that older people shouldn’t consume scare resources such as health care

2. MOST SHARED:  An infographic that imagined the world as 100 people.   The chart examined everything from age (8 out of 100 adults are 65+), information (22 out of 100 have access to a computer) and housing.

***Worth Reading:
Todd Harff’s two part series- What Do Baby Boomer Buyers Want in a Home and Baby Boomer Housing Trends capturing expert insights about the housing of Baby Boomers from the Urban Land Institute Conference, including  trends in economics, creating personalized experiences and more.

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