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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – 6/10/13

Those of you who watched the Tony Awards last night know that host Neil Patrick Harris opened with a number that was BIGGER. At Creating Results, we don’t have 4 Matildas or the cast of Newsies in our supply closet. But we were inspired to make this week’s round-up of mature marketing resources BIGGER by adding a suggested action step to each hot link.

On with the show!

1. MOST CLICKED: Baby Boomers can be thanked for many trends — pet rocks, hula hoops, bell bottom pants … Now, this generational cohort is driving a new trend — Pre-Planned Funerals. Which in turn is driving consolidation in what is called the “deathcare industry.” As the Wall Street Journal reported:book - pre plan funeral

“Given that approximately everyone will die (a rough estimate), running funeral homes and cemeteries is a pretty steady business, and one that has been gradually consolidating in America. As the population ages, and a generation of well-to-do retirees starts making plans for the end, business can only grow …

[T]he combined new company will run 1,653 funeral homes and 515 cemeteries in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Those are likely to be put to good use in the coming decades as a demographic bulge of baby boomers begins to think about their final goodbye. A big trend in the business is so-called “pre-need” funerals, where the costs and details of the funeral are planned and funded in advance. As boomers get into their mid-late sixties, demand for these kind of funeral deals is expected to rise.”

Frankly, it comes as no surprise to me that this do-it-yourself generation wants to put its own personalized stamp on everything, including funerals.

Read the story:

ACTION STEP: One thing that is truly common to the 78 million individuals who make up the Baby Boom is the amount of loss they’ll deal with in the coming 20, 30 or even 40 years. Parents and friends will and do die. Elderblogger Ronni Bennett notes it’s not just people who are lost.

“We may find ourselves with a chronic disease or two that limits us. Our mobility can become a challenge … Pieces of our lives, large and small, fall away one by one and in addition, we must, when our careers are done and children gone, figure out what our purpose is now at this time of life. There is rarely anyone to help with that one; we’re on our own.”

Your senior prospects are tackling the challenges head on. They’re pursuing higher education! They’re pre-planning funerals! Make sure your marketing and sales teams aren’t shying away from tough topics like death and reduced mobility when talking with prospects. Those conversations may not be as uncomfortable as feared and might uncover insights that could move seniors further along the purchase journey.

2. MOST SHARED:  Kathy East’s take-aways from the VANHA (Virginia Association of Nonprofit Homes for the Aging) senior living conference. From social media to “put the drugs down … and the music up!” Kathy shares 5 trends and tips for more effective marketing of continuing care retirement communities and other 50+ housing.

Her post also prompted several comments in a LinkedIn mature marketing group:

Vanha means old in Finnish language

Jussi is the sales director for HUR in Finland. Kiitos (that means “thanks”) for teaching us a great new word, Jussi!

Read the post:

ACTION STEP: Kathy’s first insight had to do with the changing image of aging. She wrote that while we have come pretty far from the early ‘60s, we must continue to share the many positive actions being taken every day that makes aging a positive experience.

The International Council on Active Aging shares a video interview with the late, renowned gerentologist Robert Butler as part of its “Changing the Way We Age” initiative that’s worth 8 minutes of your time today. Watch the video at

3. JUST HAPPY TO BE NOMINATED: These links didn’t bring home the trophy but still earned some buzz last week in the form of clicks, shares and favorites.

* Among tablet users, 1 in 5 say it’s their primary computer, per an Ipsos study:

ACTION STEP: Check out our by-lined article in The Future of Media about baby boomers and tablets.

* In terms of active users of all ages, Facebook is #1, Google Plus is #2 (!), Twitter is #4, LinkedIn #11 and Pinterest #17. Chart via SocialMediaToday:

chart- major social networks by number of active users

ACTION STEP: What matters isn’t the raw number of users, but where YOUR prospects are spending their time. Do you know where that is?

Take a look at your webstats and other analytics to see where site visitors are coming from, and where they’re sharing your information. You also could survey your current and prospective customers, asking them which social networks they prefer. More, specific information will keep you from chasing the “new shiny.”


Okay, critics. How did we do? Share your reviews of our BIGGER post below. (And share this post with other fans of mature marketing – we’d love to reach a wider audience!)

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