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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Doubletalk, Triplescreens

Good Monday morning!

Where are you reading this blog post? As today’s recap of top mature marketing links will show, your device of choice is influenced by your age and whether you (smartly) subscribe by email.

1. MOST SHARED: 194 million Americans go online every month. New data from comScore and Jumptap shows that a growing number of those do so “jumping” between PC and mobile devices. Among all ages, 30% are PC only, 63% “screen jump” between PC and mobile, and 7% of Americans are now mobile only internet users.

However 50+ers are less likely to “screen jump.” 48% of baby boomers and seniors access the Internet only via PC, another 51% jump between PC and mobile, and 1% are mobile only.

It stands to reason that if older adults are less likely to go online via mobile they’ll spend less time online via mobile. Yes and no. As the chart below shows, 50+ers may spend a relatively small amount of time online via their smartphones(25%)  but they spend the most time online of all age groups via their tablets (16%).


Read the research brief:

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2. MOST CLICKED: Many elders bristle waitresses call them dear” or store clerks raise their voice simply because the face at the counter has wrinkles. The fantastic Ronni Bennett of TimeGoesBy addressed this problem on her blog … and it’s a bigger problem than we thought:

“There is a name for this kind of demeaning speech. It’s called ‘elderspeak’ and being the target of it can shorten an old person’s life by up to 7.5 years according to the estimable Yale University associate professor of psychology, Becca Levy.”

7.5 years!

Read this post on the medical dangers of Elderspeak:

3. Also of note:

* What we SAY we want: “meaning in life.” What we DO want: “sexual fulfillment.”

Great recap of a fascinating study Y&R study by MediaPost’s Tanya Irwin, who writes:

“In fact, American’s top conscious values (helpfulness, choosing your own path, meaning of life) are reminiscent of Oprah, while our top unconscious values (maintaining security, sexual fulfillment, respect for tradition) seem more reminiscent of Tony Soprano.”

Read the post:

at symbol* 33% of consumers want more email marketing content, says Exact Target. If your organization is upping its investment in email, consider this post from MarketingSherpa on empathizing with your potential customers:

Related Case Study: Senior living email program

* 71% of 50-59 year old baby boomers read email on a mobile device, along with 66% of 60+ers, finds Constant Contact/Chadwick Martin Bailey. Compare to 88% of 18-30 year olds. (Want to get this blog by email? Subscribe!)


So, where were you as you read this post? Let’s use the comments section for an informal poll – tell us if you read this item on PC, or if you were mobile on either a smartphone or a tablet.

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