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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – Caregiver Losses, Web Gains

Here it is, Monday again. Time for our roundup of the week’s top links for baby boomer marketing and more.

1. MOST SHARED: “Women who leave the workforce to take on caregiving [on avg] lose out on $650,000 over their lifetime.” This statement from Sen. Patty Murray, as part of the 2015 White House Conference on Aging (#WHCOA), was quickly retweeted and commented on. As one Twitter-friend noted:

Last Monday’s program began with a panel on caregiving, with a focus on family caregivers. Moderator David Hyde Pierce made a lovely statement that resonated with me and many others long after the event:

The WHCOA event included discussions of caregivers, financial abuse, technology, intergenerational connections and more. Policy changes and grants were announced. In D.C., standing room-only crowds heard announcements of policy changes and grants — so did the thousands around the country who tuned in to the livestream. I’m hoping the White House will make the video from the event available on demand at for those who weren’t able to tune in live.

2. MOST CLICKED: A one-two punch on the effectiveness of marketing techniques. First, what marketing methods most influence baby boomers? Baby boomer consumers say it’s direct mail, personal recommendations and online reviews top a new list from MarketingCharts.


Creating Results has had the privilege of talking at several conferences this year about the transition from traditional media to new, in a session cheekily named “The End of Advertising.” Yet this research shows advertising certainly isn’t dead.

“The MarketingCharts study found this year that fewer Boomers attributed purchase influence to a number of traditional media types, including TV and print ads. But search ads bucked that trend, with strong year-over-year growth in stated influence. In fact, Boomers were as likely as Millennials to ascribe purchase influence to search engine ads, with both generations ahead of Gen Xers and Silents.”

So web is on the rise for baby boomer marketing.

Secondly, what marketing methods do small- and medium-sized businesses believe to be most effective? According to eMarketer, it’s a slightly different list, yet again web is on the rise. (Note, this data is not age-specific.)


READ MORE: eMarketer; MarketingCharts


I tweeted that I was a bit surprised to see print Yellow Pages on the list. Were you? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section. And, have a happy Monday!


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