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Mature Marketing Links of the Week – New Chapters & Search Engines

Before we dive into the mature marketing links of the week, we first want to pause and remember Pearl Harbor as we mark the anniversary of the attack that changed so many lives forever.  We are thankful for those who fought to protect us and remember those who were lost.

BlogMOST SHARED: 60% of those 55-64 use search engines when researching products, with only 17% leveraging social media for the same action.  This, according to a chart shared by Global Web Index.  While the preference for boomers to use search engines is nothing new, it does reinforce the need to ensure your website is effectively optimized and your listings are correct.

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MOST CLICKED: The holidays are a time when family comes together to celebrate the coming New Year.  For some adult children it’s also a time when they may notice that Mom and Dad or dear Aunt Susie may be need more assistance or are struggling with living on their own.

NPR’s For The Record recently showcased conversations with both seniors and their loved ones about this sometimes challenging topic as well as the  opportunities that arise after the realization that things have changed and additional support may be needed.

The situations and needs shared by the participants were incredibly diverse, from Juanita and her husband who were growing weary of the cost and stress associated with home repairs.  To John and his wife who faced mounting challenges associated with health complications.  And the hesitations of the family members for even considering assisted living was just as varied.

Fears and perceptions of this next chapter included downsizing as well as the general fears of moving to a new community:

The idea of moving to a different state to a seniors only community felt like giving up.

I thought you move into this place, you have a whole bunch of old people sitting down, looking at you and just watching the door and waiting for their relatives to come and take them somewhere.

For marketers targeting seniors, it’s important to understand not only the needs, but the hesitations adult children and their loved ones face as they consider your assisted living options. By offering resources and guides for how to start the conversation as well as general senior living insights you can not only createpeace of mind for those beginning their journey but position your community as the ideal solution.

While the episode highlighted many who were just starting to investigate their options, it also included a comment from Juanita who elected to move to a senior living community which serves as a great testimonial to how positive a move can be:

It makes us talk more. As we get older, we seem to realize that, you know, we love each other more and more as time goes by. Where you’re younger and you’re busy, you’re doing things, you’re trying to raise the kids and everything, you’ll say, oh, yeah, I love you. Oh, you know I love you. But now, we really talk about how we really feel about each other.

Listen to the full episode here.


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